Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Fort Worth Zoo

Well it's official. We're off to Austin sooner than later, we should find out this week what day is moving day. For now we are enjoying spending these last weeks going to the places we love so much. Of course that meant a trip to the zoo. Here is a look back over the years (yup years can you believe that?)
Our last trip as Fort Worth natives
Bringing our friends to the zoo
Riding the train a highlight as I am sure you can tell
It quickly became a tradition to get ice cream each trip
Spring '09
We love those stinkin' birds

Baby Bryce has loved elephants from the beginning
2nd trip with Uncle Mark

Bryce (1 year old) with Papa
First trip with Granny and Grandaddy
Bryce still couldn't stay awake the whole time
Spring '08
Bryce's first trip(4 months old), he was asleep on Mommy while Connor ran Uncle Mark around
Our first trip, Connor was 14 months old

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