Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy 2 month Birthday little Alexis

Guess what? It's been two months already!!! She has been such a joy to have in our family. That little girl has the males in this house completely wrapped around her finger already. The boys still love her to death and are great little helpers. Adam is just in awe when he holds her, I hear him whisper to her all the time how beautiful she is. We finally set up the crib in the extra bedroom after realizing that moving to Austin is taking longer than we hoped. She is sleeping 6-7 hours at night, which makes Mommy a very happy camper. Her check-up is in another week and a half so I don't know how much she weighs (no, I do not own a scale and never will) or how long she is, but she is growing like crazy. She is almost ready to be out of newborn clothes!! (She has such cute 0-3 month clothes) Enjoy some new pics of the little princess......
Such a pretty girl and still loves wearing bows too.

She loves her brothers so very much!
Almost got a picture of her smiling
She is such a good traveler!

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Morgan said...

She is so precious! She needs to meet her friend Eliza soon! Hope yall are doing awesome!

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