Monday, April 27, 2009


We had another fun and busy weekend. We started it off by attending Art in the Square, a art festival in Southlake. We had a great time seeing lot's of art, visiting the kid's jump area, getting our faces painted, and dancing to great music. We came home took a nap and then headed off to a party celebrating our friend passing his CPA. The boys had a blast playing with all the other kids in the jump house and on the swing set. Adam and I enjoyed some fantastic times with friends and did I mentioned that there was crawfish?
The dragon that Connor chose to have painted was too big for his face, so he decided he wanted it on his leg instead.
Bryce wanted a dragon too and showed it to anyone who would look at it all day/night long.
OOooh Crawfish before they were cooked. The boys were fasinated by them. Both of the boys got to pet them and Connor got to hold one. Eating them was not too fun, Connor wouldn't even try them and Bryce was not impressed. Connor is still talking about them, but has renamed them "crawling-fish".

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fun in the Sun

The hotter weather has arrived and we are enjoying it! We are lovin' playing outside and the longer days. I had a doctor apt today and everything looked great. Baby Alexis is growing perfectly and is still a girl (that's good).
What a perfect day to eat lunch OUTSIDE!
Bryce had to eat breakfast with shades on, because of the sun.
Getting ready for church! Check out those good looking boys!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had a fantastic Easter weekend and hope you enjoyed your holiday as well. Adam's parents; Wayne and Rhonda came down for a visit. We had a wonderful time enjoying the spring weather and went the Botanical Gardens. The gardens were beautiful and we all enjoyed time spent walking outside enjoying nature and eating a family picnic. Knowing that the weather was going to change Sunday and turn stormy we had our Easter egg hunt on Saturday. The boys had a blast and were even more excited to find CANDY hidden in the eggs. Easter Sunday we enjoyed a worshipful service and lunch with great friends.
"Mom why do you we have to take a picture, we want to find eggs!"
"I found one!"
Look at Bryce's face as he discovers candy hidden inside!

Our Day at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens
Looking at fishes in the pond.
Aren't we so cute?

Bryce has such a cheesy smile, I just love it!
Grandaddy and Bryce
"Mom can we go swimming in the frog pool?"

How did you celebrate the weekend?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Holy Hail!

A couple of nights ago I experienced my first "real" Texas hail storm. It was rather crazy! Adam and I were out on the couch chillin' when soon we were greeted with thunder and lighting. That is usual for this time of the year, so we didn't think anything of it. Until the first loud crash against our window made us both jump. Less then 30 seconds later golf ball sized hail was plummeting onto the ground. The hail storm lasted only 2 minutes or so, but it was crazy. My poor van sat outside the whole time, but that tank didn't take on any damage. We had a lot of friends who were not so lucky and spent the next day getting thier windshields replaced. Looking forward to more adventures with this crazy Texas weather!
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