Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Brotherly Love

Eating Cheese!
Playing Play-Doh
Eating Lunch
Just being Silly

Embarassing Story Part 1

Growing up in Oregon was a wonderful experience. The beach was about an hour away. The mountains with year round snow were about an hour away. The Columbia Gorge - full of canyons, rivers, and waterfalls - was about an hour away. As an Oregonian, I grew up with funny cultural quirks and oddities. One of the weirdest of these oddities is that you are not allowed to pump your own gas. Yes, that means it is absolutely ILLEGAL to touch the nozzle. So, I grew up watching my parents drive up to the gas station, roll down the window, and tell the gas station attendant how much gas they wanted.
When I got married to Adam, he swept me down to Alabama, where I experienced quite a culture shock. One of my favorite memories is having to pump my own gas for the first time. Yes, I had to learn how to unscrew that little cap to put the gas in and pump my own gas. Let’s not talk about how long I waited in my car at the gas station for the attendant…so embarrassing.
I’m sure you’re already amused, but my story is about a night out at dinner with all of Adam’s intelligent, geek friends. Yes, extremely intelligent, nerdy computer loving, video game playing, ooh I love a great math puzzle type of friends. I was getting some great laughs that night and was feeling really comfortable with everyone. Then the conversation switched to politics and the recent rise in gas prices; this was 2002, so we were not used to expensive gas. I felt out of place all of a sudden and saw a chance to jump in. After all, I was a pump-your-own-gas person now, so I must have some great insight right? WRONG.
“You know, I wonder how long this 1987 gas is going to last? Was that just a really great year for harvesting gas or something? I mean, it’s 2002 already.”
Everyone just stopped and looked at me. Not quite the response I was looking for. I filled the weird silence with some more idiot talk.
“You know, the year the gas is harvested: 87, 91, and 93. We should tap in to the later years of gas like 95, 97, and 99”
That did it. Laughter, lots and lots of laughter. Everyone was just dying, and I just looked confused. I mean, I know “harvested” was probably not the technical term, but they knew what I meant. Right?
Oh yeah, they knew what I meant. They knew that I actually thought that the octane level was really the year that particular barrel of gas was “harvested.” Everyone proceeded to correct me and there was more laughing as I explained that I had never pumped my own gas until a few weeks earlier.
What a great night! Stay tuned for some more great stories; I have loads of them.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

5 things every young women needs to know; LAUGH

I have had the great opportunity to speak with young ladies a couple of times and have come up with a fun way to teach the 5 things I wish every young women knew! Check it out and tell me what you think. (This is the short version without my funny stories.....)
Just remember to....LAUGH
L-Love God with all your heart, strength, and soul. If young women all over the world and especially in the United States really got this commandment teenage life would be bearable.
A-A boy is just a boy. Boys and dating while in High School :urgh: it gives me a headache just thinking about it. Boys are not worth all the trouble and work young girls put into them during those teenage years.
U-Ugly is a 4-letter word. Yup that means don't say it, especially when talking about yourself. Everyone even the most beautiful people women in the world wish they could change one or more thing about themself. Instead of concentrating on the things you don't like about yourself, try picking one thing you love. Look in the mirror each day and tell yourself what that one thing is.
G-Girls are Mean. Even your very BFF forever and ever. We are all sinners and screw up everyday. Guess what? That includes your friends ladies. One day they will disappoint you, hurt you, embarrass you, lie to you, and betray you. It is a guarantee, be ready to forgive and forget and love them anyway.
H-Hug your Mom everyday. What? That is craziness. Your Mom probably drives you nuts, does things that make you cringe, or doesn't understand you at all. But she loves you and does what she thinks is the best for you. Agree with them or not, know that one day you will need her. It might be on your wedding day or the day your first child is born, but one day you will want her close. So hug her everyday whether you want to or not.

My Boys are growing so fast!

Here comes trouble!
He was a happy baby!
Bryce David May 5th 2007, (We never got one photo of Bryce awake at the hospital)
Our soccer boy; he is growing up so fast!
He is so cool
oooh a slide!
Connor getting bigger
Connor James born August 4th, 2004

God's Character part 1

I am currently studying books of the Old Testament and just finished Exodus. I have studied the Old Testament, but to be honest, I tend to lean toward New Testament studies. I have concluded that I enjoy reading more about the character of God I see in the New Testament. My God, who loved me so much that he gave His perfect Son; Jesus. My God who gives me an unlimited supply of grace. My God, who hates those who judge, hypocrites, and those who hate in the name of religion. My God, who is waiting for me in Heaven and wants to spend eternity with me. My God, who faithfully listens to all my prayers and gives me the gift of the Holy Spirit who dwells inside me.

When I have studied the Old Testament (especially in college courses where I had to outline, memorize dates, and answer pointless essay questions), I found myself seeing God's character quite differently. I saw a God who was jealous, wrathful, confusing, and sometimes just mean. I know that my God is perfect and good in every way, so I made a conscious effort to study the Old Testament looking for the character of God I see so vividly in the New.

It is fun rereading the Old Testament looking for the God I love so much, especially when I know the ending of this glorious love story. I am not seeing a wrathful God like I have in the past; instead, I see a fair and merciful Father who loves his children so much that He is willing to jump through hoop after hoop to give them the best. Parents want the best for their children and God knows what is best for us, His children, is a life in communion with Him. As a result, God the Father does all he can to give His children, the Hebrew people, chance after chance to choose Him and life in relationship with Him. It reminds me of the many times I see Connor about to choose to do something he and I know is wrong. I look at him and give him a verbal reminder, then I whip out the handy parent tool of counting to three. 1.......(Connor don't do it) 2........(I am going to have to spank you) 3......(Ah he did it, great here we go), and I do I spank that little butt. Why? I love him and know that he has to learn so that he can become a better man some day. God was the same way with the Israelites. He warned them to follow and obey His ways, to live a life with Him as number one. Why? He loved them. When they didn't, God gave them chance after chance. Slavery in Egypt......... 40 years in the dessert......... Captivity again....... the list continues.

The Old Testament God is the same as the God of the New Testament, yet we cling to the God we see in the New Testament, ignoring the God of the Old. The God who gave us so many chances to choose Him. The God who knew that a life with Him was better than any we tried to live without Him. The God who finally had to choose to give up His only begotten Son for us. The God of the New Testament, full of grace and love, is the God from the Old Testament. The whole love story is incomplete without the struggle God faced before He chose to give us the spotless lamb.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Days

Sunday evening we spent our time at the pumpkin patch with our team. We love doing anything outside as a family and throw in haystacks, pumpkins, dirt, choo-choo trains, tractors, and snow cones the evening couldn't have been more fun.
Last time we were there the choo-choo train was not working, so Connor was very excited to stand in the very very VERY long line and ride it. He had a blast and excitedly explained that it was worth the wait! Adam got the parenting gold star for the night since he had to ride in the bucket train with him. We ended the evening eating dinner with some great friends.

My First Blog

Hey Everyone,
Talked to a great friend and she convinced me to start blogging. It sounded like a fun way to stay in touch with family and friends so here I go......
Look forward to future posts about raising two boys, living in Texas, growing up, and what God is teaching me.
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