Saturday, October 24, 2009

Austin Pumpkin Patch

Today we headed out to the Hill Country of Austin and found a fantastic pumpkin patch. They even have a Texas shaped hedge maze, we weren't able to do because you have to over 6 years old (it takes over an hour to get through the whole thing). We had a blast....
Dude check out that pickle, Bryce loved it!
Our great friends the Williams' joined us. Eva, Connor, and Bryce loved painting their pumpkins! (That really was a cute idea for kiddos who are still too young to "carve")
Waiting in line for the horses, it was a long wait. But Alexis and Mommy didn't mind standing in it while everyone else went to check out the goats, donkeys, and sheep.
Getting ready to ride the horses. The boys were so excited!
My big boy who wanted to ride all by himself like a real cowboy! He also got to ride the biggest horse on the farm; Dexter!
The boys got to "ride" the horses down to the end of the farm and back. That smile was stuck on Connor's face the whole ride.
Bryce got to ride with Daddy, how cool is that?
It was a great day! See ya next year Sweet Berry Farms.(Or maybe in the summer for all you can pick strawberries yum!)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A rare moment

I actually got all 3 kids to smile at the same time. Now if only we can pull off such a feat when we have our family pictures taken!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

More Exploring

Sunny with a high of 75!.......So we explored some family fun spots this weekend. We went to the Lady Bird Wildflower Center and wandered through all the paths and flowers on Friday night. And on Saturday morning we went to the Austin Zoo. It's a little zoo that houses animals that are too injured to be in the wild or too old for other zoo life. It was so very small compared to the Fort Worth Zoo, but that made it very easy to see every animal. We finished the night off eating some ice cream and playing at the local park. Still missing all our friends, but we did enjoy finding new places to play.
Connor made a new friend at the Wildflower Center, a fuzzy wuzzy caterpillar
Close enough to pet at the Austin Zoo!
I'm not using my zoom on the camera, this lion was that close. There was actually warning signs on the outside on this exhibit warning vistors "Female lions may spray you, please stand back". Lucky for us because she was just tired today!
Feeding the animals was a huge hit! It took Bryce a couple tries, but he loved feeding the goats. He kept saying "Hi Goats" even when we weren't feeding goats anymore. It was funny to watch because he insisted on feeding each goat only one piece of food at a time. Connor like feeding the animals hand fulls at a time. You can imagine which boy had the animals swarming around him. Bryce just couldn't understand why.
Connor's favorite "friend" (stuff animal) is his little Bambi. So when he found out that we were able to feed other Bambis he was way excited. So cute to see our little animal lover in complete heaven.
Could the day get better? Of course it could we got to ride the train. Oh yeah then free facepainting!! Bryce got a shark and was oh so proud of it.
Connor obviously choose Spiderman. He had fun all day long "tricking" his Mommy:
Me: Ahhh It's spiderman!
Connor: (laughing hysterically) No Mommy it's me Connor, I'm just "me-tending" (pretending Connor-style)
Me: Oh but you look like spiderman not Connor
Connor: It's okay I'm just trying to freak you out
He cracks me up!
It was a fun day. Alexis also had a great time riding on Mommy all day. She loves the sling and I'll be sad when she is too big for it. For now I savor everyday I get constant snuggle time with my little angel.
On Sunday evening the boys went out exploring while the girls went grocery shopping. They fed "our" ducks.
The boys found a new path and part of the forest/park that we had never visited.
What a great night and weekend!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I asked for it

A week ago I complained about the 97 degree weather and poof the next day FALL ARRIVED. It has been cold and rainy ever since. So we did our best to celebrate the new season.
We decorated pumpkin cookies!
The boys picked out their costumes. They are power rangers, but the boys think that they are knight costumes. And yes we had to throw in a little Star Wars and let them buy lightsabers. (It turned out to be a great deal only $7.99 for each of the costumes)
Alexis is still working on this whole rolling over thing. One day she gets it and then the next day totally forgets how. Connor is trying to help teach her and Bryce well that silly boy had to jump in the picture.
Hurray it was cold enough for baby girl to wear her cute hoodie from Papa and Shanni.
Happy 4th month old birthday to our little princess. I can't believe how fast it's going by. Tomorrow is our doctor apt to see how big she is getting.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A little something for Daddy

Adam had to be in Southlake and Dallas on Monday for some work stuff, so he drove down Sunday night and he didn't get home until late Monday night. Then on Tuesday night we had church. Today Connor said "I miss Daddy" so we made him a little video. It was hard getting everyone in there, but we did it. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Alexis 3 month pics

All you "babies" in your family feel the pain and remember back to the day. Alexis is more than likely our last baby and already is getting that short end of the stick you guys all complain about, NOT! As most of you know I'm a picture freak, I take them whenever I can and someday when I'm old and can't get up because my knees have finally just fallen off, I plan on sitting all day looking and enjoying every one of them. Until that day I make it one of my life missions to get my hands on as many pictures as I can. When the boys turned 3 months I took them to get their first studio portraits, and was excited about taking Alexi to get hers. Unfortunately we moved right at that time. I feared the worst, that we would forget or just get too busy. But yesterday WE GOT THEM! Enjoy some pics and grandparents know that your copies are coming soon!

Ever wonder what Adam does?

Adam has been working for Alamofire for almost a year and half and has loved every second. One of the reasons we moved to Austin was because Alamofire was relocated here. I'm not a very techy person and so when people asked me what Adam does, I frequently just say geek computer and change the subject. And if you try to get me to explain their newest creation; Gowalla I make a big mess of it. Well Gowalla is getting ready to launch global and the press is starting to jump on the Gowalla train. So enjoy some reviews of the app and maybe just maybe you'll get a better picture of why Adam loves what he does so much. (And maybe just maybe I'll learn how to better explain what the heck Adam does everyday)

Laughing Squid Review

The Next Review

TechCrunch Review
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