Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ever wonder what Adam does?

Adam has been working for Alamofire for almost a year and half and has loved every second. One of the reasons we moved to Austin was because Alamofire was relocated here. I'm not a very techy person and so when people asked me what Adam does, I frequently just say geek computer and change the subject. And if you try to get me to explain their newest creation; Gowalla I make a big mess of it. Well Gowalla is getting ready to launch global and the press is starting to jump on the Gowalla train. So enjoy some reviews of the app and maybe just maybe you'll get a better picture of why Adam loves what he does so much. (And maybe just maybe I'll learn how to better explain what the heck Adam does everyday)

Laughing Squid Review

The Next Review

TechCrunch Review

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