Saturday, October 24, 2009

Austin Pumpkin Patch

Today we headed out to the Hill Country of Austin and found a fantastic pumpkin patch. They even have a Texas shaped hedge maze, we weren't able to do because you have to over 6 years old (it takes over an hour to get through the whole thing). We had a blast....
Dude check out that pickle, Bryce loved it!
Our great friends the Williams' joined us. Eva, Connor, and Bryce loved painting their pumpkins! (That really was a cute idea for kiddos who are still too young to "carve")
Waiting in line for the horses, it was a long wait. But Alexis and Mommy didn't mind standing in it while everyone else went to check out the goats, donkeys, and sheep.
Getting ready to ride the horses. The boys were so excited!
My big boy who wanted to ride all by himself like a real cowboy! He also got to ride the biggest horse on the farm; Dexter!
The boys got to "ride" the horses down to the end of the farm and back. That smile was stuck on Connor's face the whole ride.
Bryce got to ride with Daddy, how cool is that?
It was a great day! See ya next year Sweet Berry Farms.(Or maybe in the summer for all you can pick strawberries yum!)


EastCoastLove said...

What a fun place!! such a cute family! :)

GGM said...

That place looks awesome! Glad you got to enjoy some nice weather finally.

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