Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Texas Ice Day

So we woke up to ice today and the whole town went crazy and shut down. It was all melted hours later, but school is still closed and even church tonight is canceled. I know you Northerners are chuckling, but well it's Texas. I was going to go to the gym once the ice started to melt, but I got busy cleaning and never made it. Instead I reorganized the pantry and deep cleaned both bathrooms. The boy decided to reorganize the playroom here is what they came up with. What do you think?
The boys also helped me take down Bryce's baby crib and get his big boy bed ready. Bryce is taking a nap in it right now, it took less than 5 minutes for him to fall asleep. My baby is growing up so fast!
It has been a fun day so far. We also have the night off tonight, not sure what we are going to do with all that time. Connor was a little disappointed because he had memorized the longest memory verse to date for TKids and was so excited to get a big prize. Any suggestions on what we could do?

Monday, January 26, 2009

For mature eyes only! R-rating

So I have to blog about this subject because....well it is so stinkin funny. I am sure I will have more to add to this subject as the years go on. But here is our journey so far with boys and their man parts.

-Little baby boys when they finally figure out that they can control their hands go for one thing first. The diaper opens and the hands goes down. Trying to be a good Mom who doesn't freak my children out about their privates at first was well freaked out. But now it's just funny. Boys will be boys I guess.

-Naked time: Little boys like Big boys love to let it hang. I understand that girls like to get naked too, but my husband has explained to me that it is just different when your a boy. So every evening after bath time I let the boys run naked for a few minutes, come over to our house I don't lie. They love just letting it hang free.

-"Mom why don't you have a penis?" Because girls don't have penises. "That is just silly."

-"Mom look at my penis it's pointing up!!!!"

-"Dad want to feel my balls, they are right here?!" "No, son we don't have other people feel our private parts. Never ever. DO you understand me?" "Yes, but there are balls in mine."

-When playing the body part game with my youngest, he always reminds me that after nose, eyes, mouth, ear, tummy, and belly button we can't forget the best part of all; his penis. He cracks up every time that I "forget".

-While taking our Christmas pictures this year, we tried a cute pose with Bryce sitting on Connor. Connor being the picture ham tried to act cool and smile. But finally he couldn't take it anymore and look over at Adam. "Dada, Bryce is hurting my penis". Poor little dude.

-Potty Training Quotes- "Point your penis down, or you'll pee on the wall" "Don't play with it while you pee, it's not a game" "Mom, my pee is all out of my penis now" "Adam-Are you done? Connor-Sometimes it takes a while for my pee to come down"

Stay tuned......Hope this made you smile. It is really wonderful that God made us so different.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Simple as A, B, C!

So yeah yeah I used to be a teacher and I have a couple of pieces of paper that say I can teach children. But teaching my 3 year old the ABC's has been harder than I thought it would be. There is a reason I got my license in upper elementary. :D
But the sad truth is that I have to attempt to teach my children something while their are home with me each day. So I decided to come up with a little game. We have an ABC wall and I went out and bought ABC flash cards. I put velcro on each flash card and card on the wall. Connor then has to match the flash cards to the letters on the wall. He also has to say the letter and the sound it makes, because that little monster is already memorizing where they go.

"Spit that baby out!"

I love the insights of 3 year olds......

I frequently find myself running to the bathroom to well.... "hurl" and I always forget to close the door. This morning both children decided to follow me and investigate. Bryce usually stands there laughing and making a "blah" noise. That poor child will be very confused when I start potty training him. Connor has learned to ignore my "trips", but today decided to see if I was ok.

Connor: "Mama are you alright? You going to feel better?"
Me: "Yeah I am fine, I just get sick sometimes because there is a baby growing in my tummy."
Connor: "When are you going to spit that baby out, Mama?" (Looking into the toilet to make sure there was no baby in there already)
Me: (Thinking hmmm I guess we haven't gone over that yet) Well Mommy's don't spit out babies, they have to go to the hospital and the doctor helps get the baby out. (Please let that be good enough for now)
Connor: "Can I have a "Sweet and Salty" bar now?
Me: "Sure"

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Crazy Weather in Texas

I am still learning about this crazy Texas weather especially in the winter. In Oregon winter is just cold, wet, or snowy. In Texas you have crazy weird warm or hot days followed by crazy cold days. The temperature can literally go from 75 degrees to 30 degrees in hours. The boys and I have loved when it gets weird hot because that means we get to play outside!
Bryce loves playing on the "fort" with slide.

Connor loves playing with his dogs. Hera our littlest and youngest loves to play fetch and can keep up with Connor's energy level.

Check out that "dog yard", I am so glad that I convinced Adam to make two yards!
"Throw it again, Connor" -Hera

Friday, January 2, 2009

Last day of Vacation

Friday was Adam's last day of vacation, so we spent it together as a family. The weather was nice so we headed to our favorite spot, the Fort Worth Zoo. It was a great day! The animals were all out, the weather was perfect, and no one had a breakdown. We had a blast!

Bryce thought it was funny to lay down and "take" a nigh-nigh at the reptile house.
Look at that wingspan, he is getting so big!

After the zoo we headed home and everyone took a nap. We ended the evening riding bikes outside!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Day

Connor and Bryce were able to open 2 presents on Christmas Eve. They opened a gift from Papa and Shanni and received their Christmas pajamas. Then we headed off to Christmas Eve service. It was a great night!

Christmas morning we open our stockings from Santa first and then have breakfast. After that we head into the front room to open everyone's Christmas presents. This year our family participated in "The Cost" at our church and did a smaller Christmas. We took the money we would have spent on more presents and gave it to the mission programs at church. The boys didn't care one bit and it was good practice for Adam and me, we look forward to more Christmas' spent doing and giving to the kingdom of God, instead of ourselves.

Bryce playing with one of his new toys.

I have not been able to get this shirt off my son since Christmas morning!
Connor got his "Lightening McQueen Bog Boy Bike" and couldn't wait to get outside and try the bike out. He caught on quickly and soon was zipping around with all the neighbor kids. I am proud of our future "tour de france" yellow jersey owner.

Since Connor has a big boy bike, Bryce gets to ride the big wheel. He was in heaven! We had a great morning riding. We even went for a family bike ride with Bryce on my bike. Connor learned about stop signs and which side on the road bikers can be on. We look forward to more family rides to the parks and pools when it gets warmer.

The boys had a great time lovin' on their Gigi. What a great Christmas!
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