Being a Foster Family

Adam and I felt like our family was called to adopt in the fall of 2009. We began to pray about "how" we were going to adopt. We filled out lot's of paperwork for all the different "kinds" of adoption processes. But fostering to adopt was continually on our heart. After being contacted by an agency here in Austin, we both felt like this was the journey we were suppose to be on. We knew that it would be very difficult, but knew that God's perfect plan for "who" he wanted in our family was just that.....PERFECT.

We became a certified Foster Family in May of 2010.

Our first placement was J-man a 10 month old baby boy. His case was confusing and at times we were told it would go to adoption and later found out he would be reunified with his Biological Mom. We have a great relationship with her and learned that God wanted us to not only love him, but her too. He was reunified with his Bio Mom on December 17th 2010. (My blog post about saying goodbye to J-man)

Our second placement was an emergency case. Little K was with us for only 24 hours. It was an emotional 24 hours, but ultimately K went home to "family" on December 21st 2010.

Our 3rd placement is "Little M" a 4 month old little girl. She came to us on February 16th 2011. We were told that is was going to be a "short" (in foster land that in 6 mths to 1 year) placement. And that one day Little M would be reunited with her family. Unfortunately that is not what happened. In July 2011 she was placed with her siblings so that they could bond and begin the process of adoption with other family.

Currently we are "on hold". I begin chemotherapy in August 2011, and we will not accept another placement until we know how my body will respond to treatment and how the family does while on that journey.

*We can't post any pictures of any of our foster children (state mandated)

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