Friday, January 16, 2009

"Spit that baby out!"

I love the insights of 3 year olds......

I frequently find myself running to the bathroom to well.... "hurl" and I always forget to close the door. This morning both children decided to follow me and investigate. Bryce usually stands there laughing and making a "blah" noise. That poor child will be very confused when I start potty training him. Connor has learned to ignore my "trips", but today decided to see if I was ok.

Connor: "Mama are you alright? You going to feel better?"
Me: "Yeah I am fine, I just get sick sometimes because there is a baby growing in my tummy."
Connor: "When are you going to spit that baby out, Mama?" (Looking into the toilet to make sure there was no baby in there already)
Me: (Thinking hmmm I guess we haven't gone over that yet) Well Mommy's don't spit out babies, they have to go to the hospital and the doctor helps get the baby out. (Please let that be good enough for now)
Connor: "Can I have a "Sweet and Salty" bar now?
Me: "Sure"


Anonymous said...

I love this story. It brings back memories, although not that long ago, when Samson would ask if I was okay. He would talk to Noah in my belly through my belly button. Noah used to kick so hard that if Samson was leaning against my belly his head would move. Those were their "first fights". HA. Love your blogs!
Jen Gentry

GGM said...

I think you should name the third baby Sweet & Salty. Very accurate portrayal of your pregnancy thus far!

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