Monday, January 26, 2009

For mature eyes only! R-rating

So I have to blog about this subject because....well it is so stinkin funny. I am sure I will have more to add to this subject as the years go on. But here is our journey so far with boys and their man parts.

-Little baby boys when they finally figure out that they can control their hands go for one thing first. The diaper opens and the hands goes down. Trying to be a good Mom who doesn't freak my children out about their privates at first was well freaked out. But now it's just funny. Boys will be boys I guess.

-Naked time: Little boys like Big boys love to let it hang. I understand that girls like to get naked too, but my husband has explained to me that it is just different when your a boy. So every evening after bath time I let the boys run naked for a few minutes, come over to our house I don't lie. They love just letting it hang free.

-"Mom why don't you have a penis?" Because girls don't have penises. "That is just silly."

-"Mom look at my penis it's pointing up!!!!"

-"Dad want to feel my balls, they are right here?!" "No, son we don't have other people feel our private parts. Never ever. DO you understand me?" "Yes, but there are balls in mine."

-When playing the body part game with my youngest, he always reminds me that after nose, eyes, mouth, ear, tummy, and belly button we can't forget the best part of all; his penis. He cracks up every time that I "forget".

-While taking our Christmas pictures this year, we tried a cute pose with Bryce sitting on Connor. Connor being the picture ham tried to act cool and smile. But finally he couldn't take it anymore and look over at Adam. "Dada, Bryce is hurting my penis". Poor little dude.

-Potty Training Quotes- "Point your penis down, or you'll pee on the wall" "Don't play with it while you pee, it's not a game" "Mom, my pee is all out of my penis now" "Adam-Are you done? Connor-Sometimes it takes a while for my pee to come down"

Stay tuned......Hope this made you smile. It is really wonderful that God made us so different.


momma sadler said...

ROFL! Can't wait to have these moments with Reed. Naked time is fun time.

EastCoastLove said...

So funny! :)

Anonymous said...

Nana says this: Jennifer Marie there is just something "wrong" about this business (haha) You definitely need some more girls in the mix. Hoping to hear soon (Feb 11th isn't it?!?!) Love you...

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