Saturday, October 17, 2009

More Exploring

Sunny with a high of 75!.......So we explored some family fun spots this weekend. We went to the Lady Bird Wildflower Center and wandered through all the paths and flowers on Friday night. And on Saturday morning we went to the Austin Zoo. It's a little zoo that houses animals that are too injured to be in the wild or too old for other zoo life. It was so very small compared to the Fort Worth Zoo, but that made it very easy to see every animal. We finished the night off eating some ice cream and playing at the local park. Still missing all our friends, but we did enjoy finding new places to play.
Connor made a new friend at the Wildflower Center, a fuzzy wuzzy caterpillar
Close enough to pet at the Austin Zoo!
I'm not using my zoom on the camera, this lion was that close. There was actually warning signs on the outside on this exhibit warning vistors "Female lions may spray you, please stand back". Lucky for us because she was just tired today!
Feeding the animals was a huge hit! It took Bryce a couple tries, but he loved feeding the goats. He kept saying "Hi Goats" even when we weren't feeding goats anymore. It was funny to watch because he insisted on feeding each goat only one piece of food at a time. Connor like feeding the animals hand fulls at a time. You can imagine which boy had the animals swarming around him. Bryce just couldn't understand why.
Connor's favorite "friend" (stuff animal) is his little Bambi. So when he found out that we were able to feed other Bambis he was way excited. So cute to see our little animal lover in complete heaven.
Could the day get better? Of course it could we got to ride the train. Oh yeah then free facepainting!! Bryce got a shark and was oh so proud of it.
Connor obviously choose Spiderman. He had fun all day long "tricking" his Mommy:
Me: Ahhh It's spiderman!
Connor: (laughing hysterically) No Mommy it's me Connor, I'm just "me-tending" (pretending Connor-style)
Me: Oh but you look like spiderman not Connor
Connor: It's okay I'm just trying to freak you out
He cracks me up!
It was a fun day. Alexis also had a great time riding on Mommy all day. She loves the sling and I'll be sad when she is too big for it. For now I savor everyday I get constant snuggle time with my little angel.
On Sunday evening the boys went out exploring while the girls went grocery shopping. They fed "our" ducks.
The boys found a new path and part of the forest/park that we had never visited.
What a great night and weekend!


GGM said...

Yah for exploring! Can't wait to see all your new places of interest in four weeks!!!! We can hardly wait!

EastCoastLove said...

So cool!!! I love the fuzzy wuzzy caterpillar! So glad you had a nice day!! yall are so cute! miss ya!

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