Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 09

Halloween was especially fun this year because both boys were so excited about wearing costumes and going trick or treating. It was also our first year enjoying Halloween in Austin. And Austin loves Halloween. I came down with some kind of horrible flu (I refuse to admit that it is pig related). So just the boys went to a party at the gym.
It looked like a fun party.
Mommy's little pumpkin!
So cute.
Ready to go trick-or-treating.

Our new neighborhood was packed with families all hunting for candy. I refused to miss this fun memory just because of a little flu, so Alexis and I joined the boys. We took a short trip around our block and got A LOT(both boys buckets were over flowing) of candy! There was a lot houses who went all out which was really fun. Just a little side note: Bryce was very excited anytime a neighbor let him pick what candy he wanted. So excited that he took a good 30 seconds each time. So funny watching him trying to make a decision. It was the most trick or treat traffic we have ever seen, we went through a whole bulk bag of candy from Costco. It was a fun night and Connor is already planning what he and Bryce will be next year.


Amy said...

LOVE your little pumpkin!! Sounds like a night! Hope you are feeling better soon and the rest of the family stays well!!

Anonymous said...

The boys look awesome and thrilled!! and our little pumpkin is adorable. I knew that would be cute on her. GiGi will be there in 6 days!! Get ready for some serious GiGi kisses!!!

Anonymous said...

looked like such fun, great memories and perfect costumes... and a sugar buzz to last all year..
Alexis is the perfect punkin girl


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