Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Race Weekend

I grew up in a sport lovin' family. We watched most sports and a few very passionately. I have crazy memories of watching super bowls with various friends and there being so much yellin and cheering that we could hear it from outside. We loved and cheered on the Portland Trailblazers, the Denver Broncos, and even the Dallas Cowboys(a little). Big sporting days were holidays in our house and always included great friends and lot's of food. One sport I don't remember watching was Nascar. But in the last 7 years my Mom has become fantatic about the sport along with her sisters. My first experience with Nascar was when Adam and I lived in Alabama. I had never watched a race nor planned on it. But we lived a short drive from Talladega and my Mom wanted so badly to go. So we went together. I learned very quickly that not only is Talladega "the race" to go to, but it's like the red-neck-nascar-lovin-good-ole-boy "super bowl". It was a crazy experience and if you want to have a good laugh ask me about the stories sometime. Since then my family has become more and more crazy in love with Nascar. And now 7 years later we have been to Talladega, Las Vegas, Daytona (I missed that one) and Fort Worth races. This last weekend was our second time going to Texas Motor Speedway for the race. This year was particularly special because the true fans camped out at the track all weekend long. Here some pics of our Nascar weekend.
The first night we went and visited the ladies (my mom, my aunt; Diana and Cindy, my aunt; Darla and her daughter Jo) at the Nascar campsite. The boys had a blast and haven't stopped talking about going camping with the race cars. (What do you think Adam, family vacation at the track next year?)
Alexis and Aunt Nana (We have a picture of Nana holding me just like this when I was Alexis' age)
How funny is it that all of us forgot our cameras the day of the race. So sad because Jo made us all matching shirts! We did look super cute and super ridiculous at the same time. It was a great race and a great day. This is the picture Adam took of me right before I left. Here is what Adam said about the picture; "There are a few days each year that I take no responsibility for @jenwpc. Today is one of those days: http://yfrog.com/j7imghij"
Me and my beautiful cousin; Jo!
Bryce and his Gigi. We stayed at our great friends house. The ladies all came over one day and played with the kiddos.
On Monday we went to Cabellas and had lunch. Here's Aunt Darla, Jo, and baby Alexis!
The whole gang!


Anonymous said...

It was a "wonderful and fabulous" trip to Nascar, Texas style. The whole trip was a huge success. We loved each and every second and are SO happy to have shared it with our family. The kids were a kick and the baby girl, well even Nana thinks that pink isn't so bad after all -- especially when it's on her great niece. (Not a bow in sight!) Thanks for the pictures and the awesome memories -- Love Nana

Adam said...

I'm glad other people like it, but NASCAR is not for me. We'll go camping somewhere else. :)

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