Thursday, November 19, 2009

Austin "Wildlife"

I'm not a fan of bugs!!! They bite and sting and well certain types (spiders) I believe are simply demonic! Yeah I said it; DEMONIC! I give thanks that I was raised in Oregon where bugs aren't really a problem. Bees and mosquitoes are really it. No spiders as big as your hands or spiders that can oh I don't know KILL YOU! No ants that bite or sting or as Connor wisely states "blow fire". And no caterpillars has big as a hot dog!! This little fella was on our back porch the other day and scared me to death! I'm sure that he was perfectly harmless, but really who wanted to check. My boys spotted him too and were so excited to play with him. My (I'd like to call it rational) fear of insect creatures kicked in and I wouldn't let them. It was just too big and I had no idea if it was dangerous or not. Quite frankly I'd rather let my boys play with a snake or a rat. I did take a quick picture to prove that it was as big as I would later tell Adam he was. I've been living in the south for 7 years now and I'm still not used to insects that are as big as small creatures. I'll continue to try and be the awesome Mom who is cool about dirt and bugs, but I couldn't handle this THING!

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Anonymous said...

You Goof.. and a Oregon girl used to HUGE banana slugs crawling, and yellow jackets ...afraid of a simple little (ok BIG) caterpillar is silly..however maybe it is partly my fault for the constant " watch out for that HUGE spider under the cushions on the couch" or that crazy "jumping" spider living behind the curtains in the living room.. ha ha ha ! !

love your writing and love you..
see you very soon,

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