Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Sadler Weekend

This weekend we had our first guests! Our great friends the Sadlers came down for a visit and stayed at the "Hotel McManus". Justin had passed his CPA earlier this year and the state ceremony was at the UT campus this last weekend. We had a wonderful time showing the Sadlers around town and eating out for every meal. (We ate outside each time we ate at a restaurant NOVEMBER!!!)
(Men just love it when you try to get a picture of them together)
Adam and Justin got to have a guy day on Saturday after the ceremony. (Amanda and I had to take the kiddos home for a much needed nap) They played Gowalla all afternoon and walked all over Austin downtown. We met up later with them and ate at a spectacular restaurant called the Iron Cactus. It is right on 6th street and we got a table on the roof. The food was the best and the 4 desserts we ordered.....well they were awesome! It was kind of funny because by the time we were getting ready to leave the "Saturday night crowd" had started showing up. Bachelorette parties, couples on romantic dates, and a class of 99 reunion. How funny did we look with 4 kids sitting two tables over?!!
Bryce abosulutly fell in love with Amanda and Justin's little boy Reed. I think he got a kick outta bossing someone littlier around. "Reed come here" "Reed play cars" "Reed no-no" -Bryce with his cute little high pitched voice. My camera batteries died during the weekend and I didn't get any other pictures. Guess the Sadlers will have to come down for another visit. DARN!

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GGM said...

Hey, I didn't know you were going to post about us, but thanks, I feel so honored now. I have one pic of me and Reed from that weekend and I'm not sending it b/c 1.) my entire chest is hanging out of my shirt and 2) he is crying his head off. Lovely.

Already thinking of our next trip down there in which we don't have to deal with long and boring ceremonies, family or schedules. We had such a great time and miss you guys already. Thanks for being such gracious hosts.

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