Monday, August 10, 2009

Sport's Camp!

Each year, Northwood Church puts on a Sport and Fun Arts camp for the kiddos of the church and community. I have been helping with the teaching time for the last five years. Two years ago I was asked to write all the materials for that time and I love doing it. I write the scripts for the dramas and small group material for the coaches to use each night. This year's camp was called "Keep Your Eyes On Jesus". The drama I wrote was called "The Search" and starred a brother and sister who were on an archeological hunt in search of the Great Eyes of Eternal Life. Each night, they found another clue that helped point them in the right direction, but little did they know the Great Eyes were Jesus and the truth about eternal life was accepting him.
If you are interested here is a short recap....
The first night they found a paddle that said "Keep your eyes of Jesus your provider". The sister (Jess) looked this up and found a story about Peter and his brother dropping everything to follow Jesus. From then on, Jesus provided everything they needed.
The second night, they found a picture of Jesus and Peter walking on water. On the picture it said, "Keep your Eyes on Jesus your protector". Jess was having problems that day with her fear of spiders. After hearing the story of Jesus and Peter walking on water (especially the part when Jesus helped Peter when he got afraid), she decided to try out this whole "prayer" thing and prayed that Jesus would help her sleep at night. (It works!)
The third night, they found a manger that had the words "Keep your Eyes on Jesus the Son of God." Jess and Jake learn that Jesus was more than just a great man, but was the Son of God who healed the sick, loved the poor and weak, and never did anything wrong.
The fourth night, the two find a cross with the words "Keep your Eyes on Jesus the forgiver of your sins" written on it. Jess admits she has decided to accept Jesus into her heart that night and Jake does not understand why. He gets very angry and calls her stupid (the kids were really into this part). Now understanding the power of forgiveness, Jess forgives Jake before he even says that he is sorry.
The fifth and final night, Jess and Jake find exactly what they were looking for: a giant pair of eyes drawn on the wall of the "cave." But, when the two continue taking down the rocks around the eyes, they discover that there is more to the drawing; a giant picture of Jesus. Jess gets to share how you accept Jesus into your heart with Jake, and he decides that he too believes.
It was a great year once again. We had over 600 kids attend and more than 200 adults/youth help coach. This was our second year having the final night in the huge worship center and inviting parents to join. It was so aswesome seeing that room filled with kiddos and adults. I make up a camp cheer each year, and when we did it this year, Connor said it was so loud he had to plug his ears.
Here is a little video that I hope you enjoy. It was the video that played every night before the drama. It was fun to hear the kiddos get louder each night when it came on; they really enjoyed it this year.

The Search - Bump from Adam McManus on Vimeo.

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