Monday, August 24, 2009

House Hunting in Austin

We went to Austin on Wednesday to check out Alamofire's new office and to look around town. We stayed downtown and had a great time walking around our future new hometown. Things took quite a dramatic turn when we received a phone call from our Realtor explaining that he had a contract and that we 30 days to be out of Keller. What a God thing that we were already down in Austin so we stretched out our trip and went house hunting. We ended up staying 5 days and 4 nights, but we did find a house(blog and pics soon to come). It was a high stress situation at times, but our kids totally rocked! Everything was completely off schedule each day and each night. The boys had little to no naps everyday and yet they had great attitudes the whole time. I am so proud of them for hanging in there, even after hours and hours of riding in the van and searching through house after house. Alexis had some problems because day 2 she decided that she hated her carseat. It was quite a family adventure and God took care of us the whole time.
To the boys living out of hotels couldn't have been more fun. They have pools(Bryce finally figured out how to swim by himself with his jacket on while we were on this trip. We had been trying to teach him all summer long.), food that comes right to the room, and little boys get to giggle all night long in big huge beds. Connor decided that we no longer needed to find a new house and that we could just live in "hometels".
My little water dog.
Alexis was excited anytime she was able to stretch out and sleep on anything but her carseat.
Getting ready to go and walk downtown Austin. We had breakfast at a terrific little cafe and saw Daddy's new office. Did I mention that Lance Armstrong's bike shop is across the street? Adam will never get any work done. LOL
Bryce can find a great hiding place anywhere.
Sweet brothers who had hard times understanding why we had to go asleep each night when they were having so much fun.
Hurray, God is so good and provided an awesome house for us. We can't wait to see how else he wants to use this house and bless others.

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