Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hot days in Portland-Oregon 09

The last day and a half we stayed with Dad and Shanni in Sherwood. Before our trip Adam had joked that he had never been to Oregon when it didn't rain. Well the joke was on us, because it never rained on our trip and instead was in the 100's. Which is what we are used to in Texas, but we are definately not used to no AC. Yup most people don't have central air in Oregon, crazy huh? My Dad's house had AC, but it was just sad; 1 poor little AC unit for a 3 story condo, umm yeah not so much. Here are some pics of different ways we stayed cool.
We played in the sprinklers at Papa and Shanni's house.
We decided to visit downtown Portland our last day right in the middle of the heat wave so we headed straight for Portland's famous waterfront park fountain. It was the place to be as you can probably tell.
You might notice that my boys are in underwear, well we already had our bags packed and ready for the plane so we went ghetto and just took their clothes off and let them have a ball.
Alexis slept through our trip downtown, what a cutie.

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