Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Beach-Oregon 09

The last part of our Oregon trip we spent with Dad and Shanni and I requested a trip to the beach. After church on Sunday we grabbed some lunch and headed towards the beach with Dad, Shanni, Mark, TJ, Jess, and Cousin Kaiden. We were excited about relaxing there for a couple days and to escape the heat wave that was hitting Portland(103 degrees is hot when no one has AC).
The first night at the beach was kind of chilly 65 degrees(it was wonderful). Alexis was able to finally wear long sleeves and a hat! So cute.
All the good looking girls! Jess, Me, Shanni, and Alexis
That night we played "run away from the waves". Check out Connor's pants; Daddy and Connor lost and got soaked, but it was so funny!
Bryce was too smart to even risk getting wet and rode on Uncle Mark. The next day when the weather was warmer he loved running from the waves.
This was a giant piece of beach wood that was a favorite place to play.
Lovin' the sand
Cuddle time with Papa, Alexis was in heaven cause there were many willing arms the whole trip.
We loved our beach house. The McManus family occupied the 2nd floor which had a room with twin beds and a little TV, another room with a full and twin bed, and a full bath. It was perfect. This is a picture of our "backyard" we had a bonfire each night and had smores(my favorite)! It was a perfect time for adults to hang out, eat, drink, laugh, and not worry about being quiet for the sleeping babies inside. Such wonderful memories.
One night we went to the local pub and brewery called the The Pelican Brewery. We had great food and good drinks and it was right on the beach.....so beautiful.
Adam, me, and Alexis. My hubby got burned while climbing the big dune in Pacific City.
Playing with Baby Kaiden, they had a blast getting to know their cousin.
Alexis is ready to go shopping with the girls at the outlet mall. The boys stayed back and slept and Adam and Mark conquered the giant dune. I don't have any pictures from this day on the beach because we were just having too much fun(plus I got in trouble when I got sand in the camera). Sand castles, frisbees, kite flying, and more sand play were all on the agenda. A brave few also went swimming in the ocean(some by accident hahaha); me, Shanni, Dad, and TJ.
Getting ready for the beach again, but this time we are ready for the sun!
Our view
On our last day we went to Depoe Bay and had lunch and went shopping. We enjoyed some good clam chowder and salt water taffy. It was a perfect day.
Watching the whales in Depoe Bay, they were very friendily that day and were up out of the water all the time.

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Anonymous said...

Yea ! ! perfect time weather, sand, surf, sunglass hunting, eating, shopping, and a whole lot of playing..great memories and pic's sweets// thank you


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