Friday, August 7, 2009

10 Year Reunion

11 years ago I ran for president of my class (I had been the president for 2 years and love it) Now if you know anything about silly school politics, the senior class president is in charge of planning the 10 year reunion. That seemed so much fun 11 years ago and it only made me want to win that much more. Well I did win president and loved every second of my senior year. Fast forward 10 years and it was time for our class reunion. I started planning it a year ago. It was tricky since I didn't have a dime and as most people know you can't reserve places for big events cheaply. Luckily after posting some forums a lot of my former classmates said that they wanted a low key reunion. I found a terrific new restaurant and bar that was willing to help us out with the cost. While we were in Oregon: Adam, Alexis, my Mom(she was in charge of baby and handing out nametags at the door) and myself attended Sherwood's class of 99 reunion.

Now many of my readers know nothing of my high school days. So know this...

-I grew up in a small town called; Sherwood. It was a very small town back then.
-We had 1 elementary school, 1 middle school, and 1 high school. So you knew everyone in your class for as long as you had lived there. Texans-we were a 3A school district.
-106 people graduated from my class in 1999
-Our mascot was a Bowman (get it? Robin Hood, Sherwood forest) We were called the Sherwood Bowmen, and if you played a sport and were a girl you were called a "Lady Bowmen".
If you were a fan of the Bowmen you were a Bow-babe.
-I loved high school and did every annoying activity many of you hated. sports(soccer, basketball, softball, track, and cheerleading), student council, president of 2 clubs, on various courts, helped plan and was in most assemblies and pep rallies, community service projects, cadet teaching(teacher's aid at the middle and elementary school), the list goes on. (I know some of you just threw up in your mouth hahaha)

I sure some of you reading this had one thought when you received a invitation to attend your 10 year reunion-NO WAY! But I was totally looking forward to attending and catching up with everyone. Here's some pics from the night.....

59 people attended the reunion! Not too bad I think.
My best friends since 5th grade.
This is Dawn, a special young woman who we weren't sure was going to make it that evening. She has had health issues that last couple of years, but was looking great. She was so excited when I told her that we were wearing matching dresses.
What a great looking group of ladies. It was so fun catching up with everyone.
Adam was such a trooper. Big group events are not his thing, so he just sat back and let me travel around the room socializing with everyone. He also had the exciting job of tallying all the votes for that evening's awards. Great job Honey!

The evening was a blast! I loved hearing everyone's stories and laughing about old times. My favorite part of the night was when person after person said "You haven't changed a bit". I am sure many of you wouldn't like hearing that, but I loved it. You see I really want to live a life that is real and true. I want to be genuine with everyone I live life with so to hear that I haven't changed made me smile. I am still loud, outgoing, (hopefully easy on the eyes HAHA) truthful, funny, and most importantly a person that reflects the love of Christ. I tried to do just that way back then and am still working on it now. So call me weird but I am glad that I haven't changed in 10 years. How about you? Did you go to your 10 year high school reunion?


Anonymous said...

The class mom had a great time too! Love seeing all the "kids" as they checked in for their name tags and getting hugs too! I was hesitant at first to go but Jennifer, as usual, found a way to get me to work... taking care of my granddaughter was a big draw but I loved seeing everyone and being called "class mom" again after 10 years. What a great bunch of adults all of you have become. I am proud of my "kids" from the class of 99!!!

Mama B

Desiree said...

Jennifer.. Where do I start.. You are such an amazing writer.. Everytime I read something u have written.. I tear up.. (don't ask me why) lol but its in the way u explain things and the way you express how u feel about something. You should really look into being a writer of some sort.. I just wanted to let u know :) :)

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