Friday, August 7, 2009

Connor's Big Day

We celebrated Connor's 4th birthday as a family. It had been a crazy couple of weeks and we were right smack in the middle of Sport's Camp, but we had to make his day special. We set out to have lunch at Rainforest Cafe, where we had a blast. (It took a little while for Bryce to get used to animals moving and talking while we were eating, but he came around). Then we headed to Build a Bear where Connor got to make his very own stuff animal friend. He choose a puppy and named him Sparky. Sparky is a true Dallas Maverick fan and is head to toe decked out in their uniform. After a good long birthday nap, we got up and headed to Sport's camp at Northwood. Connor participated in soccer this year and was thrilled when his yellow team sang "Happy Birthday" to him.
We ordered the "Volcano" cake which comes out with a sparkler on it. Connor enjoyed it as I am sure you can tell.
Telling Tony our bear guide how old he is.
Making a big wish on the special heart that went inside "Sparky"
Ringing the "Birthday Bell". I had never been to a Build a Bear and honestly never really wanted to go. But they did a great job making Connor feel special on his big day. The whole family ended up having fun and we will go back again.
Connor with Coach Ben.
His team singing Happy Birthday. That night Connor was so excited that he got sung to 4 times that day. "It was because I am 4" he told me. Hmm I wonder if that means we will have to sing it 16 times when he turns 16. We'll see.....

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