Friday, February 5, 2010

The Boss

I am the oldest and grew up hearing "You're not the Mom I am" or "Jennifer Marie you are not the boss" A LOT!! If I could pick one thing that I got in trouble for the most growing up it was acting like the Mom or the Boss. Well guess what??!! I birthed me a little clone....a little boss. And to put it nicely he's driving me NUTS!!! Apparently Bryce and Alexis aren't the only lucky ones who get to be bossed around by the Con-man.
Connor (AKA the Boss)

"Mommy are you wearing your seat belt the right way?" I admit that this is a bad habit, and I have no good reason why I do it. But I wear my seat belt incorrectly and always have. Connor has become a little police man and makes me put it on correctly every time we drive anywhere.

After trying a horrible drink called "Muscle Milk". "Mommy you need to try new things (sings the song I sing to the boys) try new things, try new things. You've never know what you'll like till you try new things." It was absolutely disgusting by the way!

Yeah I say "shut up" a lot. Never to someone in a mean way, usually when I'm surprised or shocked. "Mommy we don't say "shut up"!

"Mommy you need to be nice and show your kind heart to others" After I told Connor he had to go to the corner, because he disobeyed.

After eating ONE Hershey kiss. "Mommy you need to make healthy choices with your food, and that's not cause it's candy. Do you want your teeth to fall out?"

This kid cracks me up. We are working on his "bossy-ness" with his brother a lot lately. But I'm also proud that he has a backbone and I will continue to pray that God uses it in HUGE WAYS someday.


Anonymous said...

My sweet daughter.... here is the good news! The curse works! I hoped you would have a kid just like you -- in the good ways and the not so good ways! and you do!!! How about that? You go Connor. Keep her on her toes - your mommy sure did that to me.

He sure is a smart little guy and very sweet. Gigi says it is so and so it is!!!

I love you Con - Boss - Man!

Should we change his nickname mommy?? hehehe
love you guys

Courtney said...

LOVE it! I have a little boss-man and that's not fair because I was the second child and do not recall being the boss of everyone (my brothers would probably beg to differ on that one, though). I love these manly boys and the way God is preparing their hearts to be warriors for His Kingdom. Now if we could just teach them WHEN it's appropriate to lead... ;)

Amanda said...

sounds like you have a little "accountability partner" and not so much a boss. I am a first born, thank you very much, and the first word my sisters or mom would use to describe me growing up was 'bossy'. I think it's first born thing. I have prayed that R will be a leader WITH a servants heart, not a leader who always has to be right (like I was). A quiet leader of men is more honorable than a prideful one. But Connor is just coming into his own and I'm sure he'll be a protector of his siblings more than a boss.

Pamela said...

Great to see you online at Verge2010 representin' the at-home moms! I was on livestream too!

Sarah said...

We have one of those bossy first borns. Now she is 12 and...just as bossy as ever. We are just trying to get her to change her tone instead of changing the message. (we gave up on that part!) I could use a little bit of bossing around from her but she is smarter than that!

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