Monday, February 8, 2010

Single Mom Weekend

Adam got a chance to go to Verge 2010, a super AWESOME conference about what God is stiring in some of the biggest and smartest Christian leaders today, this last weekend. I was so excited that he got to go, and I will post about it later. But, that meant that I was home by myself for the weekend. I know that in reality I'm only "by myself" 3 extra awake hours each day, but those last 3 hours each night are brutal to me. I feel like the boys are just ready for some Daddy time. I wanted this time to be fun so I tried to come up with some extra special activities to do. Here they are.....
We played "play-doh" and made Valentines
We played a new fun game called "scavenger hunt". I hid a bunch of little toys all over the room and then let the boys find them. Kind of like an Easter Egg hunt but anytime anywhere. They loved it and kept trying to play it over and over again throughout the weekend. I kept finding toys hidden in my couch cushions and under the rug, which was kind of funny! While vacuuming one time, I found a plastic bug and screamed and jumped, the boys thought that was HILARIOUS!
Alexis had fun as long as Mommy was near.
We had a dance party one night. I blasted fun music and we ran around, danced, exercised, and just HAD FUN!
And we had a movie night! We watched Kung Fu Panda and had yummy snacks.

Overall, we had a great time. Although it takes some more effort from me, I'm glad that I got some extra special time with the kiddos. (I want my readers to know that the house wasn't able to stay as clean as it usually is. SEE sometimes my house isn't "clean". Hahaha)

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