Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Skeese Greets Women's Triathlon

I like to push myself in everything that I do. It's kind of one of those things that is just me. I'm a firm believer that you will never know just how much or what you are really capable if you don't push yourself. There are times when I failed when I pushed myself and times when I've achieved things I never imagined. So I'm going to push myself again and compete in a all women's triathlon in May of this year. It's a triathlon sprint which is really good because my knees could never run 26.2 miles!! I'll have to swim 300 meters (about 1/4 of a mile), bike 12 miles, and run 2 miles. I'll keep you updated with my training and I'll also need your help because I want to raise money for HELP HAITI.

This is new to me and kind of scary. Here are some of my fears so far (there will be more)

1) I've never competed by myself. I've always been on a team. This is me against the world so to speak.

2) My pride is going to be wounded A LOT. This is my first triathlon and because this is a national one, there will be professional competitors there. I'm scared of getting absolutely destroyed. And if I'm the last in my group I might cry like a little baby.

3) My body holding up. I have terrible knees. They're so bad that my surgeon can't even do anything more for me until I'm at the age when you can safely get them replaced. Can they hold up?

4) Do I have to eat healthy now? I HATE eating healthy. I love food way too much. It's one of the biggest reasons I work out as hard as I do, because I want to be free to eat CRAP!!! I'll probably have to change my diet once we get close to the race.

5) Wearing a bathing suit or sports bra in front of all those in shape and very skinny women. This one might seem really ridiculous. But you go running around in your swimsuit or sports bra a lot? I DO NOT EVER! But in a women's tri there's a dress code. I can't wear my standard lose basketball or soccer shorts and over sized free youth t shirt. I'm going to have to wear what's required and it scares the you know what outta me. (This is so scary it's got me rethinking fear # 4 but I have no will power when it comes to food and that's not why I'm doing this race)

*For my Mom: I'm going to be training on Lifetime Fitness' women's team, so I'll have a professional helping me throughout this whole process. (Don't worry)

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Kari said...

Yeah for you!!! I'm so impressed. You can totally do it and I definitely want to be there to cheer you on. And you are one hot momma so have no fear about the half nakedness that you'll have to do. So proud of you that you're going for it!

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