Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Family NIght #2

I had mention before that we are going through a study our church; Austin Stone called Family Primer. It's a back to the basics kind of study and I like that. I confess that there are times when I need to just sit down and be reminded what the basics really are. I especially like that it's causing me to notice that my kids are always watching me and my faith. And I want them to see that I'm never too busy to read the Word, Pray, to Give to Others, live in Community, Serve the Church Family, and do Mission Work.

This week was all about prayer especially in the context of parenting.
Prayer is critical for parents in three specific ways:
1) To grow closer to their Creator and their Savior
2) To minister to their children by praying for them and over them
3) To model and teach their children to pray

Family night this week started at Chick-fil-a (Tuesday is kids eat free night). The boys got to play on the playground and Connor got his face painted.
Then we headed back home and played. We finished the night off doing a family craft. We made "prayer bears". The boys decorated two paper plates and glued on the face, hands, and feet of their bear.
Then we wrote down people we want to remember to pray for and put those names inside the two paper plates. Daddy stapled them together and helped the boys finish their PRAYER BEAR.
It was another fun family night.

Here's a few questions for parents out there. Do you take time to pray over your children? (And I mean really specific prayers) Do you pray together as a family at least once a day? And finally do you encourage your children to pray on their own? I understand that life gets hectic and busy, but Moms and Dads please never be too busy to teach, model, and just pray with your kids!

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Anonymous said...

Bryce is growing up, what a great time for you,, Conman is so cool


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