Thursday, February 18, 2010

Confessions: It's time to be real

I recently read a post from another blogging Mom about "being real". That sometimes the blog world is all about cute pictures of babies, cute Mommy crafts(I don't CRAFT), kids reading at 3 and potty trained at 1, etc. I hope that my blog never becomes something fake and discouraging to other Moms out there SO.... I thought I'd lay it out there and confess some of my lowest moments as a Mommy. (Enjoy!! I know you will.....)

1) I wait until the diaper is about to fall off before I change it. I hear those suckers can hold pounds and pounds of pee so I'm sure I'm all good. (If it's dirty I change it...I promise)

2) Sometimes the ONLY vegetable my kids get are the fries from chick-fil-a.

3) My kids can't sing 1 "normal" little kid song,(Wheels on the bus, BINGO, Old McDonald) because quite frankly I can't stand them. We listen to Toby Mac, Pink, Reliant K, etc, etc

4) I don't wash the sheets every week. And I'm doing good if I wash their towels more than once a week. ( I hate laundry) And I don't sort our clothes either! All of our clothes go in the wash together! Hehehe

5) I've thrown banana peels, apple cores, and other unfinished snacks outta of the car window. I then tell my kids that I'm feeding the birds. (Like that makes it any better)

6) I let my kids eat snacks in the car. (I never wanted to be that Mom)

7) We have "lost" sippy cups with milk in them and then found them a day later. (My kids might have tried and succeeded in drinking out of it before I could stop them)

8) I have had to walk outside so I could scream.

9)I've left a cart of groceries in the store without telling anyone after discovering I'd left my wallet at home.

10) I've pulled over and made my little boy pee on the side of the road because I was too lazy to unpack the rest of the kids out of the car and go inside a gas station.

11) I've let my boys play in a public fountain more than once in just their underwear. (Once it was during a house showing and once while on vacation)

12) I make pb & j for lunch pretty much everyday (yeah my kids love it), but really I'm just lazy.

13) I let my little cute boys play with toy guns and they even shoot each other.

14) I let my kids eat their sugar filled breakfast (I make a protein shake to make myself feel better about their horrible breakfast) while watching TV some mornings. I'm not the best Mom in the mornings and sometimes Imagination Movers is the only way I survive.

15) I dropped a full jar of peanut butter on my foot once while making yes pb & j (I swear they like it) and it took every single little bit of will power I have to not cuss. Connor kept asking me "What Mommy?" And I was like "What do you think Connor I just broke my foot?" All day long Connor kept asking about my broken foot. I'm proud that I didn't say the cuss word I wanted to so badly, but I did scream loud enough to scare and make Alexis cry.

Whew! Talk about being real! What about you? Any awesome Mommy moments you wanna share?
I had to post one cute picture on this post, it felt like it was lacking something. Oh yeah that is my barely 8 MONTH OLD baby cruising on the stairs. (Notice that there is NO baby gate up) Thank you Jesus for grace everyday. I love being a Mommy and am so glad that I can be honest that I mess up and wanna scream some days, but then I get 3 sweet kisses and 2 "I love you"(Alexis is still working on talking) each night and that makes it all worth it!


Priceless said...

love this:) but, i've seen you in action and seen your sweet kiddos, so i don't think anyone is suffering by your "realness". i may be crafty and a decent cook, but i give my kids WAY too much candy, DO cuss too much (if you count crap and damn and i'm pretty sure kids shouldn't be saying those), let them eat food that falls on the floor (almost any floor), make a point to ALWAYS have snacks in the car, and Piper loves All American Rejects while Porter's fav is Lady Gaga. Shew...I feel better now:) You're not alone, sista! Thank God that in our weakness, He is Strong!!

Kari said...

You mean PB & J every day isn't a balanced meal? And my oldest just said to my youngest "dang it, you need to stop doing that" so maybe I need to watch what I just doesn't sound right coming from a 4 yr old =) And Avery made Connor a Valentine's Card 2 weeks ago...I'll try to get around to mailing it this week. She reminds me about it EVERY day. I think I'm the lazy one!

Sarah said...

Great post! Frequently, while driving in the car, or if I'm really being honest, just to avoid the filthy bathrooms I have my boys pee in a cup in the car. They won't pee on the road because they don't want anyone to see. But our tinted windows provides privacy while, a cup serves a portable urinal so I don't have to unload kids or bring all the boys into the bathroom just to try to keep them all from touching everything.
We too have PB&J almost every day. But they like it too. There has been times when I made something else and at least one of them complained because he wanted PB&J.
Two things I swore I'd never do I have done.
1. allow my kids to wear sneakers with no socks. i don't know why but that always use to bug me. I didn't allow my first to get away with it but sometime along the way with the second it happened.
2. I swore I'd never take my kids in public with a dirty face. Again my first probably didn't until he was 3 or 4 but it has since happened more than I want to admit.

Lorajean said...

This is the best therapy! Here's a proud moment I had the other day. I sent eli to his room because I didn't like his attitude. Yes he's 21 months old. The yesterday I told him I wasn't his entertainment director and he needed to find something to do. A few hours later I noticed he was teething. Yeah, I'm pretty awesome for knowing my child's needs.

Anonymous said...

loved it... your my daughter that's for sure..
love you

sara said...

great post! on the way to his damaw's house (the name he calls my mom), my son likes to point out all the spots we have stopped at so he could pee!

Elora Ramirez said...

you couldn't see it, but I sent you a virtual high 5 for letting your kids listen to TobyMac. kiddy songs are just...well...sad. ;)

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