Thursday, February 11, 2010

Verge 2010

Adam had the chance to go to Verge 2010 last weekend. It was a conference that basically asked a lot of questions. I don't want to sound preachy and that's not the point of this post. Instead I ask that you read through and really think about the following questions.....

If you didn't KNOW the truth that is Jesus Christ would the "Christian way of life" be appealing to you?

Are we (the church) doing a good job showing the things Jesus preached to the world? If no, why not?

Are the things that happened and how the Christians acted in the New Testament just made up stories or real? If it's real, why don't our churches look like them?

For too long I felt like as long as I tithe, prayer daily, read my Bible daily, memorized scripture, went to church, served at that church, and did some extra stuff here and there I WAS ALL GOOD. But honestly is that what Jesus asked us to do?

If you asked your child to "Go and clean your room". And when you came back hours later to check on him or her you asked "Did you do as I asked?" What if your child looked up at you and said "Well no....but I did memorize what you asked see "Go and clean you room. Oooh and I can say it in Hebrew and Greek"?

I'm still working through some of these questions. But I do know that I can and am going to do better. I'm going to act like my faith is the MOST important thing in the world to me. More important than my husband, kids, my clean house, the gym, my NAPTIME. I'm going to do more than just preach at my kids, I'm going to live it. I'm going to love those whom Jesus ASKED me to love; the homeless, the ORPHAN, the widows, the NEEDY. I'm going to love on those who don't know Jesus, no matter what. I'm going to make my life worth something for the kingdom. I'm going to back up what I say and believe with actions.

Join me by asking the hard questions and watch this video. Have we forgot to pick up the manual and yes read it, but actually do what it says???!!!!!

The Big Red Tractor from Jacob Lewis on Vimeo.

Look foward to more posts about how our family is trying to live this out.......

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