Friday, February 19, 2010

Family Night #1

We started a new family study this last week; called "Room for the Whole Family". It makes you sit down and really ask some of the tough questions, which is good. Things like "Which of these 2 scenarios would give your children a greater love for God's Word. You telling them they should read it , or them seeing you read the Bible on your own and reading it to them?" This week really concentrated on God's love for you and your family and how to show that to eachother. Each week we are given a wonderful family activity to do together. This week we hide little notes around the play room. Half of them were love notes from Mom and Dad and the other half were simple bible verses about God's love. Here's a picture of the notes I made.
I hide the notes while the boys were getting their shower. Then when they came out we let them hunt for them. This was especially fun because Connor had to help Bryce find his. (I love it when Connor acts like an awesome big brother!)
Then we sat down all together and Daddy helped the boys read their special notes. I didn't know how well this would go over, but the boys pretty much thought that they were the coolest things ever!
After reading the cards we had a little talk about love. First I asked the boys who loved them? Then we talked about how we show people that we love them. We hug them, tell them "I love you", do nice things for them, help them, and write notes that say "I love you". Then we talked about the notes the boys got that were Bible verses and how the Bible is one big giant love note from God. Next Daddy read the story; "The Story and the Song" from the The Jesus Storybook Bible. (If you don't have this Bible you HAVE to get it, it's incredible!)
We ended our family night playing a couple games of Wii bowling! (Cause that's how we roll!)
I'll continue posting our family night activites because these ideas are so much fun!

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