Sunday, January 31, 2010

A little weekend with Uncle Sparky

My baby brother came into town this weekend and we had a blast together! Enjoy some of the highlights....
Connor couldn't have been happier to have a Mario Wii pal all weekend long. Connor: "Mom we made it world 5!! Uncle Mark is really good"
Alexis was a big fan of her Uncle too.
Bubba and Sparky
We took Mark to our favorite restaurants: Torchy Tacos, the Hula Hut, some pizza, and Torchy Tacos again!
We took all the Texas born boys (Mark, Connor, and Bryce) to the capitol building.
The weather wasn't cooperating so we went to Chuck E Cheese on Saturday! It was the first time we have been there and boys LOVED IT!
Connor kicking Uncle Mark's butt!
Alexis had a great time too. (Anytime she gets to be held by Mommy she's completely happy!) Such a Mommy's girl and I LOVE IT!Is it is a surprise that Connor loved getting his picture with Chuck and Bryce clung to my knee the whole time?
Ladies, this boy is single!!??!!
We had a blast and love you so very much Uncle Mark!!!


Amy said...

Wow! I hate to say this, but i still picture mark as a 9 year old:-) Looks like a great time together!

Also, I'm almost done reading 'attaching in adoption' by Deborah Gray. It's really a great book with lots of practical things in it. I highly recommend it for you guys!

Anonymous said...

My kids are awesome! I love you all so much and am very proud of my daughter and son. What a handsome bunch a guys you are and my girls are quite beautiful!!!

Love you all


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time you guys, how fun to have you two together again..

love you all

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