Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Minter Weekend

One of our favorite families; the Minters came and visited us this weekend. I have blogged about them before here and here and here and here. As I'm sure you can guess we were really excited about seeing them. We have missed them since we moved, and I was extra excited about the chance to them stay at our house. They drove down Friday morning and left Saturday afternoon(they had a wedding they were going to in San Antonio). It was short probably too short, but we enjoyed every second. We're already trying to plan our next getaway together. We love you Minter Family, thanks for visiting us.
What is a weekend with friends without LOTS of FOOD?! We enjoyed lunch together at home Fri and Sat (as seen in the pic). On Friday night we took everyone to our favorite taco place; Torchy's Tacos. Brent and Kari used to live in San Antonio and missed all the tacos so they were very excited! (FYI: I decided to put all the kids at one table and adults/babies at the other. It seemed like a good idea at the time. They did pretty good considering, but our 2 year olds might have forgot that throwing food is not appropriate and horseback riding is better played at home) Afterwards we went to get some awesome frozen custard!
We spent the rest of our time playing, video gaming, and lounging(oh yeah and eating more tacos....yum breakfast tacos!). Austin was having record low weather so no outside play for us. But that didn't stop us from having great times. The kids played for hours and hours, Kari and I enjoyed lot's of great talks and a quick trip to shop, Brent and Adam got to have goodvideo game time, and we (adults) enjoyed staying up WAY too late talking. We might have even.....maybe....sort of spent a majority of our time together in our pjs. YAY!
Connor and Avery played lots of imagination games when they weren't playin Wii! They are such great friends and can just play for hours and hours. During prayer time tonight Connor said that he wished Avery could live at our house all the time.
Bryce and Elliana actually played together! They used to be completely content just playing side by side, but this time loved playing all sorts of games(I have no idea what they are playin here, but it was very fun). They are growing up so fast.
Justus and Alexis got a little playtime too! (Aren't they adorable?!)

It's so fun getting to spend so much time with friends! Now back to "normal" life. (Did I mention that I start boot camp on Monday oh joy?!)


EastCoastLove said...

oh how perfectly your families fit!! :) love it!! hope i know it was good for all of you!! so cute!

Amy said...

i might have to come to the T4A conference this year . . . always wanted to attend:-)

Jen McManus said...

OOOOOOooooh THAT WOULD BE FANTASTIC AMY! Let's talk more about just that!

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