Monday, January 18, 2010

Our new roomie!!!

Adam and I said that when God provided this super awesome house that we would use it to bless others. Today our new roomie moved in, and I want everyone to meet him and get to know all the great things he is doing!!!
Daniel is a VERY talented photographer(check out his pics: Tonight, I tried to convince him that Adam and I needed engagement pics (we never got them done), a redo on our wedding pics (ours are VERY traditional and I'm jealous when I see what great things photographers are doing with wedding pictures today), some rockin' family photo sessions, and the list goes on. Hehehe. Daniel has no idea what he has gotten himself into.
Anyways, earlier last year Daniel was in a terrible long boarding accident and is lucky to be walking, talking, and alive today. He got hit with some horribly nasty medical bills and needs some time to catch up. He's also starting a new adventure here in Austin working for a pretty sweet video production company. So, through a friend of a friend we heard Daniel's story and immediately felt like we were supposed to ask if Daniel wanted to live with us.
The boys couldn't be more excited about a new "playmate" and absolutely love Daniel already. I'm sure that he will quickly feel like part of our family! We are also excited about how we get to see first hand how God uses Daniel's talent to help others around the world!
Check out this video of our new roomie. (Are you embarrassed yet, Danny??....Can I call you Danny??)

Meet Daniel from One Spark Films on Vimeo.

1 comment:

jordan fowler said...

We might need to hire him for a Vietnam Trip....seriously.

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