Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Adoption Journey: Foster Class #4

Alright I admit it, I'm a question "asker." Especially when I'm learning about something that I'm very passionate about. And, well, we're going to adopt from the foster care system, and I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THE FOSTER CARE SYSTEM. Our class this week started with a time of Q&A and I loved it. (And might have asked a really lot of questions). I learned a lot more about the "process" and this whole "legal system." Here's a couple highlights:

-Once we are licensed we will be put on a list of families ready to foster. When a child is removed from their home, CPS calls agencies and finds a placement that could work. We then get a phone call from our agency and are asked if we are willing to take the child in. The information we will get about babies is not always reliable. So, Adam and I will to have to be ready to make a decision without knowing the hows, whats, timeline, sometimes age, etc. Will need lots of prayer during these hours. Yes, you usually have less than a couple of hours to decide.

-When a child is placed in our home, our door then becomes a "revolving" one so to speak. Here's the crew that we can expect to "drop in" at least once a month while the child is in our home.
1) CPS has to come and check in on the child and set up visitations with the birth parents. Their number one goal is to reconcile with the birth family no matter what.
2) Our ambassotor from Arrow (our agency). This person will be our ally, friend, confidant, etc. We will love this person very much. They could be in our home more like once a week.
3) RCCL rep from the state fostercare licensing. We were told that this person is not a friend, someone we must not joke with and we must do everything they say. (glup)
4) Ad Litem the court appointed lawyer for the child. They are supposed to fight for what's best for the child.
5) CASA is an adovatcate for the child that usually has a law background. They also work hard for what's best for the child.
6)Behavior or Physical Therapists if needed.

-We can and sometimes will be expected to appear in court. To be honest, THAT COMPLETELY FREAKS me out.

-We can and will have the opportunity to meet the birth parents when they have visitations. We want to do this because we do want kids to go back "home" if it's safe and loving. We also want to be able to tell our kids about their birth parents if his or her rights are given up or terminated by the state.

-We can't post ANY pictures of our foster kiddos. We have to protect their safety and so no published pictures whatsoever. I can send pictures to family over email, but that's it. This is a little sad cause I'm a picture LOVER.

Told ya I ask a lot of questions! But, it was all good information, and although there were moments when I felt overwhelmed, I know that God's plan for our family is ABSOLUTELY perfect. So, I check off another class that's required and realize that we are another week closer in our adoption journey.

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