Friday, March 26, 2010

Sea World with Gigi

My Mom came into to town this week because it's Oregon's spring break. We had a blast visiting the capital, Adam's work, painting the boy's room, and then we drove down to Sea World for the day! The weather was absolutely perfect and we had a blast! Check out the pics...
The girls are ready for a day at Sea World
We loved climbing the ropes and crawling through the tubes to get to the "pirate's ship"
Waiting for the Shamu show to start, which was really good. They let a baby killer whale follow her Mommy around while she did her tricks. It was cute to watch the little girl. Bryce and Connor loved the show and "had" to get a Shamu whale stuff animal to take home. Luckily their Gigi loves them very much and bought them each one.
We got to ride 2 rides as a whole family(minus Alexis). Bryce is a little too short to ride any of the others. We rode the Shamu rollercoaster and the Texas spash down. The boys had a blast and Adam and I were thrilled to learn that both of them enjoyed the rides so much. (Adam and I love BIG rides) We would have bought the pictures they take when you're on the ride EXCEPT that they were $20! That was the cheapest package. DANG! I don't remember those pictures being that expensive.
It was so special that we saw this race car.
1) That Gigi who is the BIGGEST race fan in the family got to be there to take a picture with the boys.
2) That it was Jimmy Johnson's car who is Connor's favorite driver. (He's even wearing JJ's hat)
Gigi and Alexis got to spend lot's of time in the shade while the boys, Adam, and I went off to ride rides or play on the giant playground! Aren't they so cute??
It even got hot enough so we could play in the Sea World waterpark! It was a PERFECT day!
Thanks for coming and visiting us Gigi, we love you!

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Anonymous said...

Gigi misses you all so much already. It is too quiet at home! I had a blast and can't wait to come visit again soon. Loved my boys running into my bedroom and waking me every morning. They are such a fun pair and so full of energy. and Alexis is a little love and Gigi's sweet little girl. Love making such great memories with my Austin family. thanks Jenn and Adam.. love you guys so much.


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