Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Family Night #3

So I was sitting here planning "Family Night #4" when I realized that I never posted about #3. Sorry it's SXSW this weekend and that means all the geeks in the world are going nutty batty getting ready to launch new interactive products. Adam and the Gowalla Inc team have been working really hard the last couple of weeks preparing. It was Adam's birthday last week too so we did family night that night. We ate at Torchy's Tacos our favorite restaurant here in Austin.
Then we came home and played. This week the family primer lesson was all about giving. So we talked to the boys about how many toys they were blessed to have. We asked them which were their favorites and why. (Always an intersting conversation) Then we talked about kids all over the world who don't have a lot of toys. We asked the boys if they would be willing to pick out some of their toys to give away to kids who don't have a lot or any at all. They immediantly said "YES". They were very excited about going through all their toys and I was excited about reorganizing everything again. (I know, I'm sick) They were very generous and I think they understood the concept of giving to others as much as they can understand at this age.
We also had a great talk about the little babies we are going to have in our house soon and why we were going to have them staying with us. We talked about how the little babies Mommy and Daddy's were "sick" and going to get help to get better. The boys were excited about the idea of helping me feed the babies with bottles (I nurse so they have never been able to do this). I'm super proud that my boys hearts are so open to love and help others.
Stay tuned for this week's family night. We have to cook a meal together. YIKES!

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