Friday, March 12, 2010

Sometimes it's how you say it

This post is all about Potty Training!

Yup some of your heart rates just jump up a little. No worries I am not one of those super Mom's who potty train's their kiddos when he or she is 1 or even 1 and 1/2. (I have some great friends who are those Moms) I potty trained Connor when he was 2 and 1/2 and it was really easy. I asked him if he was ready to learn how to go in the potty every once and a while and one day he said "yes". So I put him in underwear and after a few accidents he was potty trained. No secret potty chair (although I had bought some) no fancy words, nothing I just took him every once and a while until he could do it all by himself.
Then I had the Bryce-man. Oh how I love that little man. When he turned 2 and 1/2 I started asking him if he wanted to learn how to go to the potty. I kind of thought it would be even easier because I thought Bryce would want to do what Connor was doing. I WAS WRONG. This child never ever seemed interested in the potty. Well he turns 3 in May and I began to think "Crap um I better potty train this child". I freaked out and rethought how I did it with Connor because I was afraid that Bryce was going to be really hard to train. I talked to a friend and found a program called "Potty Training in 3 days". It was an interesting read and I'm sure it works. But there is one BIG PROBLEM with it. You have to FOLLOW your child around for 3 straight days.
Well umm I can't do that. I did take one thing that seemed to really work.

Instead of saying "Bryce do you have to go potty?" or "Bryce, wanna try to go potty?" Because I would have ALWAYS gotten a sweet "No". I said "Bryce remember to tell Mommy or Daddy that you have to go potty." I gave him control and HE LOVED THAT. I started training him last Friday, he had one accident and has been dry ever since(It's been a week now.) If I start getting worried that he hasn't gone is a while, I simply say "Hey Bryce...remember to.." And then he finishes "tell Mommy or Daddy that I have to go potty" and then he says "I have to go potty." And then ACTUALLY GOES! He is my independent little child and loves that he is in charge (he also loves that he gets M&Ms when he goes). He loves control so much, that he won't even let me help anymore.

I'm actually shocked that it worked. All I did was change how I said it to him. I let him have control (which is important since he needed to learn when to go.) I just hope I remember this valuable lesson in the future when I'm trying to teach that STRONG WILLED child something else.

How about you, what worked when you potty trained your little one(s) or EVEN better what didn't?


Anonymous said...

what a perfect little boy he is Papa special little man..and I miss him very tell him how proud we all are.. and that papa just learned to go potty by himself last year..but I didn't get MM's darn ! ! !

Amy said...

haha! With Elisabeth we say "i going to go first" then she hops up from where she is and yells "no, me first" and runs to the bathroom to go! competitive little cutie!!!
That's what worked with her:-)

Sarah said...

After my first, I thought potty training is so easy. Looking back it wasn't me it was him. He basically woke up one day and was potty trained day and night really never had accidents. Number two, UUUUUGHHHH, I don't even want to think about it. He's potty trained but he has accidents all the time. Honestly sometimes I wonder if he has actual bowel problems that make it difficult. At any rate it took FOREVER! I did that 3 day potty training thing, i like the idea but if you have more than one kid then it's impossible. I did it when my husband was home for 3 days. I have a two and a half year old I know I have been needing to start potty training but because the last one was such a nightmare and really is still frustrating from time to time, I have not tried yet. I have to say though Jennifer, the fact that you just reported two good experiences in potty training gives me hope. : ) REally I need that attitude adjustment before I try, so thanks for the hope boost!

minda312 said...

can someone say "Middle Child?!!"

I'm the middle of 3 girls :-) I call it like i know it! hehe

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