Monday, March 8, 2010

Ever have one of "those" days?

It was a special day at the McManus Castle. We were about to go on a playdate (yeah I hate that word too, but that's what we were doing!) with two of our favorite Gowalla families; the Critz's and the Williams'. We were suppose to be there at around 10:00am and it takes about 20 minutes to get there. Should have been easy, throw the kids in and go. Yeah well life is never easy with 3 small kids and 3 huge dogs and life.

Here's how it went down:

9:36: Get everyone's coats and shoes on.
This is always way more difficult that it should because we have 20 different hoodies/coats the boys can choose from and it's always some heated debate. Shoes aren't so bad as long as they can find them. (But they are boys and well finding things especially when they are right in front of their face tends to be trouble)

9:38: Go get dogs from the backyard and put them in the garage
Realize dogs are not in the backyard and have not been let out of the garage since the night before. CRAP! Adam always lets the dogs out when he leaves for work in the morning. (He went to work super early that day and didn't) DOUBLE CRAP! They haven't eaten yet. Call Adam and calmly yell at him and then ask him to text me directions to the Critz's too.

9:41 Let dogs out to go to the bathroom and load kids in the van
Remember that I forgot the boy's lunch on the counter in the kitchen. Unlock front door and grab food. Explain to the 2 now "starving" children that we don't eat lunch at 9:42 in the morning.

9:44 Go get dogs from the backyard and put them in the garage (part 2)
This time I need to grab their food and put that in the garage too. Grab food and dogs and walk around the outside of the house to the garage. Realize the GARAGE is not open. Run around the van to open it. Front door is locked! Open the side down and push the garage opener. Just then a 60 pound half great Dane decides that she wants to come to and leaps into the van spilling the 3 DOG FOOD BOWLS all over my baby, the boys, and the van. Alexis starts screaming. I start panicking. I yell at Rhea and have her sit down outside in the grass with the other two. Calm Alexis down and try to pick up as much dog food as I can. Make a mental note to give RHEA the demon-dog the bowl with the smallest amount of food now.

9:50 Put dogs in the garage (part 3)
Finally finish and turn around. CRAP There are only 2 dogs sitting there. Rhea has ran off. (Now I'm about to cry) Put the other two dogs in the garage and give them their breakfast. Yell for Rhea. For a moment think forget her and just drive off. I see the neighbor across the street with her. She starts walking my way. OH GREAT it's the REALLY REALLY REALLY chatty neighbor. Put Rhea in the garage and give her the small reject bowl of dog food. I glare a real mean glare and shut the door. Chatty neighbor is now practically in the van talking to the kids. She won't shut up. Finally she leaves. I get in the van. REALIZE I forgot Alexis' baby food.

10:00 Grab baby food
Unlock the front door and grab the baby food out of the fridge. Drop it on the floor and it breaks open and spills out. I SCREAM! Clean up mess. Grab a applesauce to-go out of the pantry. Run out the door.

10:05 Can't find my cellphone
Unlock the front door again and grab the cell phone by the stairs. Jump into the van AGAIN. Alexis is asleep and boys are excited to go and play. I now need a nap or a really good drink(I was thirsty). I have a moment when I realize that I did sign up for this and just laugh. I turn up the Toby Mac song that's playing (the one we have listened to a million times) and sing at the top of my lungs. 20 minutes later we made it and had a wonderful time.

Sometimes I think my life would make a good reality TV show. How about you, ever had one of those days?


Courtney said...

I'm not sure whether it's better to read the story or hear you tell it in person, but I do know that I'm glad you came! My favorite part was after not hearing your story, Rach asks how the dogs are. Grateful they're not dead, probably. :)

EastCoastLove said...

haha thats fun! i love chatty people just not when there is a time crunch..i worry about my facial expressions when they talk :) haha Hope the play date ended up being a blast!!

Amy said...

We have a saying in our house. . . 'who hid that right in plain sight', in regard to boys not finding things. it does not get better. sorry!!
glad your day ended up being so fun after your frantic morning!

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