Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A year ago.....

Hopefully today you will take time to remember what happened a year ago to a little country you may have never have thought twice about until that day. That little country experienced a tragedy like none we've ever seen or could truly imagine. A year later, that little country is still fighting for hope, life, freedom, and the basic things we take for granted everyday.

As we start a new year and as you take a moment remembering Haiti and a people who need our love, hope, and help, think about doing a couple of very easy things that could in return DO BIG THINGS.

1) Throw a Garage Sale for Orphans. You know all those old toys and other junk piled up in the garage or attic? Get some friends together and throw a garage sale party. Then donate all the money to an orphanage in Haiti, help build a water well, or help buy a new home for a family. So easy and so fun to see what God can do with your "junk." (We did one last year and will do another soon. It was so incredible.)

2) Sponsor a child. We sponsor a little girl from Zimbabwe and love her so much. We have her picture on our fridge (the only picture I allow on the front actually). She smiles at us every day and reminds us that we have chosen to live differently. We chose to give up a couple nights at chick-fil-a each month for her. We give up little luxuries so she can have shelter, food, school, and hope. She reminds my kids that when we pray for her every night, we pray that one day we get to meet her, here on earth and one day in heaven. She is part of our family. You can change a child's life too. And it ONLY costs $35 a month. Just look at those faces.....Sponsor a child from Zimbabwe or Haiti today.

3) Read this story of a young boy who started a movement, and be inspired to do something. Get excited and talk to other people. Listen to your heart. What is God stirring? I promise you that there is something. Pray....Pray...Pray.....and then DO SOMETHING!

I dare you.......(maybe even triple dog dare you)

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