Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You got a WHAT???......

So, you need to understand a few things about the McManus family...

1) We are animal lovers. Particularly dogs, but more on that later. Adam and I both grew up with dogs and cats and love them. Our kids are animal lovers too (especially our oldest).

2) We had 3 BEAUTIFUL dogs. Aww man, we loved those dogs. But, they were HUGE dogs. Unfortunately, although they wouldn't hurt a fly, the foster system doesn't really love them. The fear is that a little scared, wounded, hurt baby or toddler could be dropped off at our house and become overwhelmed or stressed out with 3 very large dogs in her or his face. So, as a state certified foster house, we were going to have to keep our wonderful dogs outside more than we think is fair. We found awesome homes for them and sadly said goodbye to our friends. Adam and I were crushed. Connor was especially upset because he LOVED them.

3) The idea of adopting another dog hurt us, our wounds from our other dogs are just too raw and new. But our kids were desperate for a pet.

4) Our kids (the boys especially) have had to say goodbye to lots of "family members" in the last year. First our 3 precious dogs. Then our Daniel. Then J-man. And another "brother" we only had for 1 day. It was starting to get a little sad watching our children say "goodbye" to family they loved so deeply.

So, we decided that a family pet would be a most wonderfully special thing to do.




This cute little sister and brother were abandoned and left on the side of the road. The animal shelter let us have them for FREE (my favorite price), and they will take care of all their medical stuff (shots, spay, neuter, etc...) for a VERY low price.

As you can tell from the boy's faces, we are very excited about our new family members. New family members that Connor explained, "Are not going to leave us. Ever."

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EastCoastLove said...

YAY!! you will love having a cat!! :) so glad you got two, they are super cute! I like the names too!

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