Friday, January 14, 2011

Home Decor 101

I totally suck at "decorating". I'm beginning to think I was sick that day they covered that in my Life Styles class in High School. Remember that class? You studied things like healthy food choices, how to write job resumes, interview, balance a check book, taxes, etc.

But like I said I missed "Home Decor 101" day. I decorate in 2 different ways.

1) Hang a bunch of pictures of my family (in frames, I have class people) in some random maybe not so random way.

2) Leave the wall ABSOLUTELY blank!

So this weekend I spent some Christmas money and bought random crap to hang on our walls. I had no idea what I was doing and just kind of bought stuff I liked. Then I came home and kind of threw them up on the wall.

Here's some pictures.......
*that giant silver frame will soon hold our family picture, it's just not here yet.
* these canvas prints are from Daniel Davis our first roomie.

I'm still working on the next couple of walls. I bought a giant mirror for our living room but have no idea what else to put with it. So just picture a giant white wall with a mirror on it. It's a start though, right?


Amanda S. said...

before you go putting any holes in your walls, wait till we can get down there again. i think you did great on the two walls that you took pictures of. I'm not great with my own home but I can take a stab at yours and see what we can come up with. but how will you help me lose 40lbs in one weekend?

Anonymous said...

Oh Jen !! You need some help, some serious help. I'm sending out an SOS (anyone out there??) Glad to see you taking a stab at those stark walls, but where's your internet savvy?? Do some checking on the good ole web sweetie. I'm sure you can find a website or 2 since Home Decor 101 was/is so elusive!!
Love you, bless your heart!
PS I have an upstairs full of good stuff for walls -- you can take your pick (!!!)

Amy said...

'randon crap' . . . i just about spit diet pepsi all over my keyboard!! i completely understand. i finally asked a few older ladies to do something with what i had and they came over and fixed every wall for me . . . cost me some tea and cookies and time!! Now my wall are set and pretty for the next 20 years!!

ask for help, take the help . . . you've either got it or you don't (i don't), so ask and copy:-)

Amy said...

oh, our new children's pastors wife does some interior decorating. she's pretty good at it, i think. here's her website. she's got lots of links to other design sites (just read nana's comment).

EastCoastLove said...

I am with amy about the "random crap' description you gave :) haha oh jennifer :) Your doing great job...keep the random crap coming! haha :)

Christin Jones said... class decorate aka Dustin will be in town soon. He does great with that kind of stuff.

minda312 said...

hahahahaha......I'm glad that everyone else got a kick out of the 'random crap' comment. cause i did too :-)

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