Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our new roomie!

So, we have a new roomie! (and he is a rockstar)

This is Brandon. He is a ROCKSTAR, or at least we think so. He is an über talented musician and has the prettiest hair (seriously, I'm jealous of his hair). He is interning (or will be soon) with our church Austin Stone and our worship pastor Aaron Ivey. We want him to have the freedom to do ministry and not have to worry about work, rent, utilities, etc... So, he lives in our downstairs bedroom that NEVER gets used and is a part of our family.

He loves our kids and they ADORE him. Connor still thinks it is absolutely the coolest thing ever that we have a Rockstar living under our roof, and that he drives a scooter. Bryce, who calls Brandon "Frandon" or "Him", always asks why he sleeps so much (you see a Rockstar gets to sleep in everyday). And, Alexis has taken to walking right into his room to find him. She loves her Brandon, and he can make her smile in a millisecond (so cute). He plays guitar, sings, writes, and shares a love of weird music with Adam. (I've heard rumors they are getting a turntable and are planning big things with yikes)

Other things about Brandon: he's been on tour around the country, has an awesome family that loves adoption (I hope I get to meet them in person one day), and has a huge heart. He's going to give Connor and me guitar lessons (he just doesn't know that yet). Last but most definitely not least, he loves God oh so much and wants to use the gift of music to bring Him glory. That gets us SO excited, and we look forward to being (even if it is small) a part of his story.

*Did I mention that he was single? (I know crazy, huh?) What is wrong with girls these days???


minda312 said...

in reference to your last sentence.....

oh god. don't EVEN get me started on THAT subject.

Momma Sadler said...

Welcome, Brandon! Hope the McManus' are as much of a blessing to you as they have been to so many. Can't wait to meet ya!

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