Sunday, April 25, 2010

A new twist on Garage Sales!

We had a garage sale at our house this weekend. BUT it wasn't just any garage sale. We got together with our missional community group and decided we wanted to do something to serve others as a group. We have a new friend named Chris Marlow who works for HELP. HELP's goal is for 50 groups to have 50 garage sales to raise $50,000 this year for a new orphanage in Haiti. So this weekend we had our sale! Daniel also posted pics from the weekend (His blog is MUCH MORE COOLER than mine )
One of the guys in our group made these super sweet signs!
Every penny we raised will go to building an orphanage in Haiti.

The kids ran a little bake sale while we ran the garage sale.
Here's Connor and his friend being the best little "sales men". Who could say no to those cuties?
We raised $630 and some change! It was a good 4 hours of work and we are all excited about doing this garage sale again next year.
Had to put a picture of my little angel!

We also began sponsoring an orphan from Zimbabwe named Tadiwanshe. (We call him Shawnee not sure how the boys came up with that name, but it works) We pray for him every night and it really gives the kids a great tangible way to see how we can help others. We'll get to write him and recieve letters and pics from him. If you are interested in sponsoring an orphan go here and learn more.

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