Saturday, April 10, 2010

A little bike riding!

Tonight was a big night in our house for 2 reasons! Bryce got a big boy bike for his 3rd birthday!

Thanks Granny and Grandaddy!

And Connor starting riding his bike with no training wheels. He got it on the first try! Tonight when we tucked him into bed he said "Mommy I'm really proud of myself!". That boys cracks me up.


Kari said...

Avery has been bugging me for months to take the training wheels off...he really got it on the first try??? Maybe I'll be a good mom soon and take them off for her =)

Jen McManus said...

We raised the training wheels first, so he could get used to balancing. It lets the bike tip and whatnot (kind of freaked Connor out at first, but he would never admit that) Have you done that yet? I think that made the transition to 2 wheels so easy.

Anonymous said...

Yea ! ! for my boys !! BIG DAY for sure


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