Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another Week

Man I've been slacking on this blogging thing lately. Sorry but the summer weather has arrived and we can't stand staying inside any longer. Lot of stuff going on in the McManus household right now, so here's the low down.

1) My little man is turning 3 on Wednesday (more on that later) I can't believe it!
2) WE ARE DONE WITH ALL CLASSES for foster-adopt. We have a meeting on Wednesday with the director of our agency to chat and schedule our Home study and then we are ready for kiddos. Please continue to pray, we are a week or so away.
3) We are leaving for Keller, TX on Wednesday afternoon so I can speak at Northwood's T-kid JAM night and to hang out with the gang up there. Please pray for me, I haven't done this in a while and am feeling a bit rusty. I promise to take plenty of pics and maybe a video or two!

Here's some pics to enjoy cause I know you love them!!

We went to a jump place this week with our play group and HAD A BLAST! It was a good find and we will go back.
Alexis wasn't so sure about the big jump houses at first but warmed up to them.
Forts, forts, and more forts. This brings back so many memories of growing up. My brother and I made forts everywhere inside and out and so do my boys. Here they are in one of their latest creations.
Alexis might look excited about walking in the picture, but this is a rare moment. She is perfectly content to either just stand still (which she can do quite well) or crawling and climbing like a mad woman. The boys want her to walk so badly and I have a feeling she is just playing with them. Ha that cracks me up!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh look at my little darlins' They are all so darn cute! I can't wait for July 1st so I can hug and kiss those little faces! Alexis looks so much like you Jenn, especially in the walking pic. And I remember all those crazy forts - they were so much fun...
Love you guys and happy birthday to my boy!

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