Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Bryce

I can't believe that you turned 3 years old. You asked today if you can be 3 and 1/2, and I said ABSOLUTELY NOT! You've grown up so fast this year. You're talking so well and so often. Sometimes it's hard to get you to be quiet! I can't believe that last year I was concerned if you were ever going to talk. You ADORE your little sister and take such good care of her. The other day a little toddler walked over and tried to take a toy from sister, you calmly and assertively took the toy back and pushed the little boy to the ground. "Don't be mean to my seeeester" is what you said. It made me laugh, and I was so proud. (You did get in trouble for pushing) You and your brother are best of friends and I pray that friendship continues forever. You are so independent and yet shy and reserved. You won't do something unless you're confident that you can do it well. You get embarrassed easily and although I hate seeing you uncomfortable, I love that you always come running straight to me. You love LOVE learning new things and I hope that continues. I think you want to learn how to read more than your older brother (and you just might). My prayer for you this year is that your curiosity to learn continunes to grow. I pray that your confidence to try new things even if you're not "good at it" increases. I pray that your heart continues to seek justice for those younger than you (especially your sister and future brother or sister). I hope and pray that I continue to see you grow in your faith and love for God. I love hearing you repeat the stories we read with your Daddy each night. You're confidence in what you KNOW about God and Jesus is so inspiring and already I see you one day never wavering about what you know to be TRUTH. You are not easily swayed by others and I love that! Happy Birthday my sweet little bubba. You warm my heart and bring a smile to my face. Middle kids rock and I can't wait to see that personality of yours blossom even more!
You were such a cute baby boy.
Happy 1 year old little boy who loved playing peek at boo with his Mommy.
My quiet, sweet, loveable, and sometimes very stubborn little 2 year old.
See look at you! You're a little boy now. But still my special cuddle bug who is always ready to climb up in Mommy's lap for a snuggle. (You might hate those cheeks you got from your Mommy and I am sorry about that. But for now know that that everywhere we go someone comments about how adorable you are)


Anonymous said...

My sweet little bubba Bryce. Gigi loves you so very much and am amazed every single time I talk to you, hear your voice, get a hug from you. You are such a special little guy and such a kind and loveable boy. You are a blessing to each of us - a blessing from God. 3 years old already and such a "boy" already. Gigi can hardly wait to grab and kiss those cheeks of yours. Get you to laugh and wiggle in my arms. I love you!

Your Gigi

Anonymous said...

Happy b-day my buddy Bryce
sorry Papa was not there with you for your big day, but I was there in my heart ans mind..can't wait to see you soon..

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