Monday, May 10, 2010

Going back to K-town

This week/weekend was a busy one for us. I was asked to speak at Northwood's T-Kids JAM night and, of course, said YES! I miss my T-Kids very much and couldn't wait to see them. We hadn't visited Keller since October, so we made a mini vacation and stayed through the weekend. Wednesday night was JAM night, and it went great. I spoke about beautiful feet. The kids were challenged to raise enough money to buy shoes for an entire village of kiddos in Vietnam (and knowing my T-Kids they WILL!)
My "beautiful feet" for my talk at Tkids that night!
We stayed at the house of Northwood's Children's Pastor (Becky Done). The boys slept in their youngest daughter's room and LOVED LOVED sleeping in their new sleeping bags. There were lots of giggles each night before they finally fell asleep. We had a blast staying with Becky and Ralph and the girls, especially when we spent most nights staying up WAY too late talking life, kids, loving Jesus, mission work, and American Idol.

On Thursday, we got up and headed to the zoo as a family to celebrate Bryce's birthday. (We love going to the Fort Worth zoo, check it out here)
The Birthday boy!
Daddy and Bryce
We have been waiting for YEARS for the new Mola exhibit to open. Can you believe that the boys loved it? Snakes, lizards, more snakes, and spiders??!!
The highlight of the day! Petting a real snake. All we've talked about since is getting a snake as a pet. (ummm NO)
(I tried to get a shot with all the kids)
Lunch with the alligators, fish, and turtles. Cool huh?

That night we celebrated Bryce's birthday with great friends!!
This was the first year Bryce actually liked being sung too.

Friday morning was Minter Family Day. We adore the Minter family and HAD to have some great playtime.
Connor and Avery are the best of friends. Seriously, could they be cuter?
We found an absolute KILLER park and played for a long time.

That night we got to hang out with the Sadler family, but I forgot my camera. :(

Saturday, we got to see more friends and played outside some more.
Hurray for some Kiki time.
That night we got to have dinner with Becky and Ralph at Texas De Brazil. It was the BEST food and a perfect night. (Minus when I fell on the stairs with a full plate of food and a bowl of soup. It was really funny...NOT. And, that's all I'm gonna say about that.)
On Sunday, we spent Mother's Day at church seeing everyone one more time and at the Gould's house grilling out and playing cards.
What a wonderful trip!!

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