Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend with Papa and Shanni

My Dad and Shanni came and visited us this weekend. And they couldn't have picked a better weekend, cause the weather was gorgeous. Friday morning the boys showed Papa and Shanni the pictures they had drawn them, some new toys, their super sweet bike riding skills, and some good Wii time. Then we packed a lunch and headed to the pool.
Beatin' Papa at Wii sword fighting
Playing at the pool

That evening we grilled out, then headed out for some of the best snow cones in Austin, and then went to watch the famous 1.5 million bats take off.
SNOW CONES! Note: Bryce did not get to enjoy a snow cone because he did not eat his dinner. (I hate that part of parenting. The next night and ever since he has decided that eating his dinner so he can enjoy dessert is a GOOD idea) He probably thought I'd let it slide since Papa and Shanni were here, but nope.
Getting ready to watch the bats. I love this spot in Austin. It's fun to see the HUGE crowd that shows up everynight to watch and to add to the fun we got to see 4 people repel down a huge hotel while doing flips and tricks all the way down. What a funky town we live in. Austin is definitely weird but we love it.
A picture of the bats taking off

We woke up Saturday and drove to Sea World San Antonio. I love that San Antonio is a short hour drive. Well it should be short, but we ended up having to stop 3 times. (Ugh kids)
A picture with Shamu. It cracks me up that everyone calls every whale "Shamu". Even during the show the trainers tell us the name of each whale, but the show is still all about Shamu.
Once it got too hot we headed over to Sea World's water park and enjoyed a couple of hours swimming and playing in the water.
Connor and I getting ready to ride the river.
Our little water baby. She took a nice nap in the shade while everyone else got some sun and swam some more.
Getting ready for the Azul show. It was a combination of cirque du soleil with dolphins and white beluga whales and exoctic birds. Such fun!
It was a fantastic trip! Love you guys.

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Anonymous said...

Perfect weekend Sweets, perfect blog and pic's, what memories we now have.
I love you so much..

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