Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lovin on Sister

I absolutely LOVE how much my boys adore their sister. I pray that this love continues to grow throughout the years. I hope that all my kids have a close friendship and love for each other. I love that I get to watch their journey together everyday.
Bryce wanted to give his sister a ride. I caught him trying to pick her up and throw her in. Luckily, Alexis has learned to yell every time he does something that bothers her(that happens a lot). I put Alexis in the wagon for Bryce and let him give her a ride. He loves having someone to boss around and makes it his daily mission to get her to smile and laugh. He loves her so much. It also helps that she doesn't throw a fit when he steals some of her snacks.
Connor told me that I hadn't taken a picture of him and Alexis in weeks. So here it it. He loves his sister too and has taken a liking to teaching her new things. He's currently trying to teach her to walk, but she is not too interested because it's too slow and she can move faster crawling or "walking" on her knees. He also taught her how to spit and likes to blow in her face to get her to giggle. I pray that he continues to look after her and protect her. Watch out future "callers" big brother Connor is going to be hard to impress. Ha, I can't wait for the day when one of his friends thinks Lexi is a hottie and wants to ask her out. PRICELESS!!

What about you? Are you still close to your siblings?

My brother and me and our puppy Sandy.


Amy said...

oh my. that picture is priceless and sure brings back babysitting memories!!

Anonymous said...

Missing you all very much, can't wait to see pictures..
Love you all

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