Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Saying Goodbye again

This weekend we got to say goodbye to good friends. The Jones' family are planting a church in Colorado and leave next week. We got to say once last "we love you" and will miss you this weekend. We have known Jones' since the week we moved to Texas and will miss them dearly. But I can't wait to hear about all the great things God is going to do through their family.
Alexis and Chloe such cute little bugs. Can't wait to see this friendship blossom throughout the years (luckily Christin's parents live in Austin, so we will get to see them).
"Frick and Frock" or Bryce and Brock. Such good friends.
I'm so proud of my best friend for taking this journey of faith. So excited to see and hear about all the great things that happen up in Colorado. And I can't wait for my bestie to become a Bronco fan (and yes she will)!!!


Christin Jones said...

Oh Jen...I am really excited about the Broncos, my dad always routed for will be very interesting in our household.

Anonymous said...

Hey Christin.. Good luck and God Bless you all in CO!!! Just say you are a Raider Hater and all will be good! Go Broncos! and welcome to the good side!! Praying for you and Dustin and those darlin's of yours. love ya guys.
GiGi.. (jenn's mommy)

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