Saturday, July 31, 2010

Connor is 5!

Connor James, today you turn 5! I'm so excited for you, because for some reason you have been looking forward to turning 5 for years now. I pray that 5 is as exceptional as you think it will be (it will be I'm sure, just wait until you see what we got you). You are really turning into a boy not just a little boy now. You're into morning cartoons, video games, hanging with friends, talking, and talking. You become more and more like your Daddy everyday especially when you're playing an iPhone app or Wii game. I can't wait for the day when you actually beat Dad at a game. You do things that you get from me too, like sticking your tongue out when you are concentrating, being left-handed, and that being social thing you do. You've also surprised both of us as we have had the pleasure of watching you love on people. You make friends with everyone young or old, white or black, special needs children, animals, etc. You really don't care as long as they want to talk and/or play. I love that about you and I pray that you never lose that gift. You see someone to love on and you just do. You've welcomed Daniel into our home and now baby J-man. You're so proud of him and love showing him off. Even J-man's bio Mom noticed how in love with him you are. Connor, that is a gift and I can't wait to see how God continues to use that. Keep loving on people, even the crazy old man across the street whom Mom and Dad always try to avoid. Keep pushing our family (especially Mom and Dad) to love others no matter what! I will continue to pray for the leadership skills God has given you. I know that you get sick of me telling you about being a good leader and responsibility you have to others. But Connor, God has given you the gift of leadership and I pray that God uses it to do big things. I adore watching you learn your new favorite hobby (karate), which is helping you gain self confidence and self pride that I love to see come out. Continue to try new things and don't be afraid to fail. In the last two days I've watched you climb a rock wall that floats on the water and slide down the front, ride horses, get in front of the whole camp, ride the zip line without falling(I did it today and it was hard let me tell you), and leap off the tallest deck in the whole camp into the water (even teenagers are having trouble doing it). I pray that Jesus continues to capture your heart for Him and I look forward to watching you grow in your understanding of Him and what your own faith looks like. Keep asking questions about God and Jesus and make a relationship with Christ your very own. I love you Connor oh so very much. Love, Mommy

First day home from the hospital.
Always had a smile on your face and drool all over your shirt! (age 1)
You really did think that you were SO COOL. (age 2)
Always the clown. (age 3)
4 was a great year, can't wait to see what happens next year......


Anonymous said...

Con man - 5 Years old! You are such a special little boy and full of life and curiosity and laughter!! I love you so very much. I remember so well the first moment I saw you when you were born - so special for Gigi to be there at that special time. Have fun at camp...I know you are just loving it!! Enjoy learning more and more about our Lord!!
Love ya

Courtney said...

Happy birthday to one of our favorite buddies!

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